Headwind Vodka, New Craft Spirit from The Pacific Northwest, Launches

Headwind VodkaHeadwind Vodka, a new craft spirit made in the Pacific Northwest, launches today with distribution in ten states. This ultra smooth vodka is six times distilled and twice filtered for a nuanced, singular flavor profile. Sold in 750mL bottles with a suggested retail price just under $22, Headwind Craft FWD Pacific Northwest Vodka offers an accessible option among craft super premium brands, intended for both retail and bar shelves.

Made in the Pacific Northwest, Headwind Vodka is a corn-based spirit distilled six times and twice filtered. The first filtration smooths and rounds out the liquid, while the second, through timber indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, provides a final polish for a soft finish. The added distillation steps and choice of filtration materials impart subtle characteristics to this craft vodka.

Every bottle of Headwind Vodka bears the signature of founder Jason Dyke, whose career in the spirits industry has included tenures at Diageo, Constellation Brands and Bacardi USA. Most recently, he held a key leadership position at Hood River Distillers, where he led the strategy and development for Pendleton Whiskey.

“Headwind speaks to the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest,” says Headwind Vodka Founder Jason Dyke. “We wanted to create a smooth craft vodka that communicates the beauty of the region to local and national vodka drinkers.”

Headwind Vodka’s eye-catching packaging designed by Cue, Inc. is another nod to the Pacific Northwest. The packaging reflects the color palette seen in the region’s natural landscapes and sophisticated urban centers, with dark blue, forest green, and silver throughout. The primary label is an authentic birch wood wrap with unique grains and textures on every bottle. Every bottle features the individual batch number, bottle number, and bottling date.

With its singular flavor profile, Headwind Vodka can be sipped straight and used in classic cocktails. Recommended cocktails include Cranberry, Seltzer and in a martini with a lemon twist.

Headwind Vodka is a gluten-free product and suitable for drinkers with nut allergies.

With a suggested retail price just under $22 for a 750mL bottle, Headwind is priced well below craft super premium brands and suited for retail and bar sales alike. The vodka launches with distribution partner Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits in Oregon and additional premium spirits partners in New York, Florida, New Jersey, Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, and Rhode Island.