Drink Arte: Fresh Juice from the Source

Drink Arte is a B2B brand revolutionizing the hospitality industry by offering fresh juice straight from the source, utilizing the revolutionary food preservation technique called High Pressure Processing.

Drink Arte

With Drink Arte, the team has developed partnerships with some of the largest citrus and juice producers in Mexico and Colombia to bring fresh juices into the North American market. Drink Arte brings in a fresh, HPP citrus juice for the hospitality industry. Drink Arte works closely with bartenders and mixologists every step of the way to truly learn the needs and wants when it comes to quality citrus juices. The response from industry professionals has been tremendous and the team is excited to continue expanding into new venues and markets serving the industry one bottle of Drink Arte at a time.

“We don’t think there is anything quite like Drink Arte. Bartenders, mixologists and other hospitality professionals have been limited to very few options in the past, and with our team having the insight from the industry, we felt it was a problem we could solve.” Says Founder Zack Lister.

“Our juice is consistently fresh unlike pasteurized juices and has a shelf life of 120 days compared to one week at most for citrus fruits. In addition to those benefits, the venue saves on labor costs for squeezing, and spoilage costs due to rotten fruit. It makes financial sense for the venue, and hospitality professionals don’t have to sacrifice using the best ingredients for their craft.”

They have partnered with food scientists that have been working for many months on testing the differences between brix (sugar) and PH (acid) from the time a fruit is picked up until the time the lemon or lime is actually delivered to your venues and then “fresh squeezed” (which often takes a couple weeks). What the team at Drink Arte has concluded is that there is an extremely fine line between letting a whole fruit get “too ripe” as it actually begins to lose a lot of its sweetness and becomes much more tart.

Drink Arte was created with the hospitality professional in mind. The care that it takes to make a cocktail, simple or complicated, is sometimes underrated and they wanted to create a solution so that there was never a need to compromise at any venue. Drink Arte is simply bringing a sleek citrus juice brand to the forefront of the hospitality industry. Connect with Drink Arte on Instagram and Facebook.