Jon Taffer Unveils Signature Safe Dining System

Taffer's Tavern Taffer’s Safe Dining SystemAs the hospitality industry focuses on implementing new guidelines and safety standards while preparing to reopen across the country, Taffer’s Tavern is leading the way with Taffer’s Safe Dining System™.

Taffer’s Tavern, the innovative restaurant concept created by award-winning hospitality expert and world-renowned business consultant Jon Taffer, was developed to be the safest franchise brand in history, long before the coronavirus pandemic. In order to alleviate concerns from patrons who require a safer dining environment, Taffer launched Taffer’s Safe Dining System™.

“Taffer’s Tavern is way ahead of the industry curve when it comes to staff and patron safety. Every product, preparation, cooking, plating and service program is designed to remove biological and other contaminants,” said Taffer. “In addition to making safety a top priority, Taffer’s Tavern uses cutting-edge technology and products to deliver excellent quality foods and delicious flavors in a third of the time and with up to 40% less labor than a traditional casual dining kitchen.”

Taffer’s Safe Dining System™ includes:

  • Highest food sanitation standards
  • No raw protein – food sealed from commissary
  • Operated to medical sanitation standards
  • “Medically” safe preparation techniques (i.e. masks, gloves, etc.)
  • Greatly reduced kitchen labor/employees
  • Employee temperature logs (start, middle, end of shift)
  • Untouched by human hands

The concept’s Georgia franchise partner, Five Guys Taverns, LLC, signed a multi-unit franchise deal with Taffer’s Tavern last year, and aims to open the first of five total units in Alpharetta, Georgia. Located at 33 South Main Street, the first Taffer’s Tavern is situated in the Liberty Hall building directly across from City Hall and is anticipated to open by July 2020.

“I worked with Jon on a Bar Rescue renovation and witnessed firsthand his expertise and heightened understanding when it comes to the restaurant and bar experience. The idea of ‘tavern dining’ is a timeless concept rooted in community, which makes Taffer’s Tavern the perfect addition to Alpharetta’s historical downtown area,” said Seth Chandlee, CEO of Chandlee and Sons Construction and founding partner of Five Guys Taverns, LLC.

“As the first Taffer’s Tavern franchisees,” Chandlee continued, “my partner, Hemant Suri, and I cannot be more excited to implement Jon’s safe dining program. This is a well thought out, revolutionary approach that builds best practices for personnel and transparency for patrons into the core of the business. It is unheard of to see such levels of technology woven into the daily structure of staff operations, systems, and overall culture of a restaurant. Jon is truly a visionary!”

With a streamlined kitchen design that eliminates the need for costly traditional commercial equipment, Taffer’s Tavern leverages advanced sous vide food preparation methods to deliver delicious, comfort bar fare and a unique array of premium beverage choices.

To facilitate growth for the emerging brand, Taffer has partnered with Fransmart, the industry-leading franchise development company behind the explosive growth of brands like Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and Qdoba Mexican Grill, as the exclusive franchise development partner for Taffer’s Tavern.

Together with Fransmart, Taffer’s Tavern is targeting the 50 largest media markets throughout North America for expansion.