Hoffmaster Group, Inc. Introduces New Wrapped Cutlery and Takeout Options Amidst COVID-19

Hoffmaster Group COVID-19 takeout and deliveryAs the coronavirus pandemic has led restaurants to shift to takeout and delivery and healthcare facilities to ensure sanitary meal delivery, Hoffmaster Group, Inc. ® announces four new products to enhance food safety for the restaurant and healthcare industries.

  • Individually Wrapped CaterWrap®: An extension of the current CaterWrap® line, disposable cutlery is pre-rolled in a napkin and individually overwrapped for ease and safety. Two wrapped CaterWrap® products have been added to the line;
  • White Peel & Seal Bands for Tamper Evidence: Intended for restaurants for takeout and delivery, this band wraps around a container, proving that the food package has not been tampered with; and

The new products are available for purchase through traditional distribution channels or on www.hoffmaster.com. Products can also be requested through distributors.

“Foodservice operations and institutions are looking for products to protect their customers and patients from germs and cross-contamination,” said Andy Romjue, president of Hoffmaster’s Foodservice Division. “Our customers have come to us asking for additional sanitary solutions, which is why we launched these products. These are trying times, and we want to help our customers and theirs as best as we can.”

After seeing an increase in demand for products such as individually wrapped pre-rolled napkins and cutlery, takeout containers and healthcare tray covers, Hoffmaster has shifted its manufacturing focus to products that will aid the industries in need the most.