Helping Spanish-Speaking Bar Industry Professionals Get In-Language COVID-19 Information


With the Spanish-speaking community playing a huge role in bars and restaurants nationwide, a useful and important campaign from LULAC, in partnership with Hornitos Tequila, has rolled out to serve the community.

Staying informed is vital in times of crisis, yet Spanish-speaking communities are missing out on crucial, and potentially lifesaving, COVID-19-related information due to a lack of resources in-language. That’s why the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the oldest and largest Hispanic organization in the United States, teamed up with its long-standing partner Hornitos Tequila, to create the #AyudaEnEspañol (#HelpinSpanish) campaign.

#AyudaEnEspañol is a resource kit and social media effort designed to make crucial information accessible to members of the Spanish-speaking community, many of which work in the bar and restaurant industry, during the current crisis.

Created by LULAC, the Spanish-language toolkit provides a solution to the current information gap by consolidating and translating critical COVID-19-related resources that are inconsistently accessible in-language.

What’s in the kit?

This much-needed resource kit includes information and assistance on applying for government benefits, the latest CDC and government updates, help for seniors, access to health services, guidance on applying for government benefits, job training, and help tackling food insecurity.

Where can you access the kit?

The online resource kit can be downloaded by visiting

How can you help spread the word that there is #AyudaEnEspañol?

Head to Twitter or Instagram, post a photo of yourself holding a sign stating who or why you’re helping in Spanish, share a link to the resource kit and use #AyudaEnEspañol