Two Roads Brewing Launches Line of Non-Alcoholic Beers

Two Roads Brewing Co. announced the launch of a line of non-alcoholic beers under the Two Roads brand name. The Company, which is coming up on its 10th anniversary, has been at the forefront of “beyond beer” innovation in the Northeast, with everything from hard seltzers, RTD spirits-based cocktails and now a brand-new line of non-alcoholic beer offerings.Two Roads non-alcoholic beer

Two Roads plans to roll out a number of NA beers over the coming months, starting with a non-alcoholic version of a Juicy IPA. According to Director of Marketing, Collin Kennedy, “an NA (non-alcoholic) Juicy makes perfect sense from a trend standpoint. Juicy IPAs, and non-alc beers in general, continue to grow in popularity, making this entry a very logical first step.”

The Company has developed a 70-calorie, non-alcoholic liquid that lives up to its reputation for high quality, great tasting brews over the last decade.

According to CEO Brad Hittle, “Two Roads’ secret weapon all along has been Master Brewer Phil Markowski. Phil is one of the most creative and technically advanced brewers in the world. He has been professionally brewing since 1989 and has received countless accolades including numerous GABF medals and the renowned Russell Scherer Award for Innovation in Craft Brewing.” Hittle went on to say, “Phil’s goal was to create an NA that would convince beer drinkers they are actually enjoying a full powered Juicy IPA and to no one’s surprise, he developed an NA that’s ‘two good to be true!'”

Reflecting on the R&D process, Markowski noted that “developing an NA beer has been one of the more interesting challenges in my brewing career. We’d already built a successful line of traditional, Juicy IPAs including Two Juicy, one of the most highly rated beers of this style, so the bar was set high in terms of nailing an NA. After about 18 months of trial and error I love where we’ve arrived. We have a flavorful, authentic tasting Juicy IPA that is non-alcoholic, but drinks like any of our other traditional Juicy IPA products.”

The bright, vibrant package graphics employ the familiar Two Roads logo while really standing out on the shelf versus other NAs.” Kennedy added, “It was important for us to leverage the significant consumer awareness of our brand and our reputation for innovation and quality that we’ve built over the last 10 years.”

Two Roads Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA will launch this week in 12oz/6-Packs in CT, NY, MA and RI, with plans to expand as awareness and demand for the product increases.