Birra Moretti Announces Return of Successful Bocce Ball Program

Birra Moretti, Italy’s #1 selling beer* made in the traditional way since 1859, is once again Bocceteaming up with Bocce , the country’s beloved pastime, to encourage LDA+ consumers to come together and enjoy these two great Italian classics with friends, family and fellow patrons at their favorite local bar, at home or at other outdoor social gatherings this summer.

“This summer, we are building on the successful launch of our 2017 Bocce program in a big way,” said Amberly Hilinski, Senior Brand Manager for Birra Moretti, Five Points Trading Company. “Through increased event and Bocce league sponsorships, consumer sampling and enhanced retail and on-premise support (where legal), our 2018 activation will amplify excitement and participation at Bocce tournaments and special events, as well as at participating retail and on-premise accounts throughout the country.”

To activate ‘Veni, Vidi, Bocce’, Birra Moretti ‘The Official Unofficial Beer of Bocce’ is sponsoring an expanded list of events and local tournaments in 2018 including Chicago Gourmet, Taste of Italy L.A./IAMLA, and Tampa’s Festa Italiana. In addition, the brand is expanding its league sponsorships with Major League Bocce in Boston, Austin, Pittsburgh and Cleveland and the American Bocce Co. in Chicago and Austin. Moretti is also returning to sponsor the Vigilucci Beach Bocce World Championship July 14th and fly league spring season tournament winners to San Diego to compete among 420 of the best bocce baller teams.

On-premise (where legal), custom scoreboards, tote ball kits, custom table tops, coasters, and key chains will be available to elevate the consumer experience and encourage patrons to join in the fun of a friendly bocce competition with a cold Birra Moretti. At retail, POS materials along with bocce kit display enhancers will invite consumers to choose Birra Moretti and bocce to enhance their social gatherings whether at home or other outdoor locations.

“Birra Moretti is crafted in appreciation of timeless Italian culture and traditions,” added Hilinski. “We are thrilled to expand on the success of our program in 2017 year and celebrate our partnership with bocce again this year.”

*Source: Adam’s Beer Handbook 2015. US Volume in Units, Nielsen 52 weeks, ending 8/16/16