A Taste of Barcelona for Thanksgiving Service


Thanksgiving is better when it’s shared with family and friends. That’s the purpose of Sangria LOLEA N.3, the new brut sangria from Bodega & Company.

The refreshing cocktail is made in the Spanish tradition and updated with a unique mild taste. The special blend is derived from the reduction of the wine with green apple, cinnamon and elderberry flowers resulting in a fresh tart flavor, slightly sweet with a fresh aftertaste and lingering aromas of the natural flavors.

Thanksgiving celebrations are veering from the traditional food items and are incorporating new recipes from the next generations of families. Sangria LOLEA N.3 fits perfectly into these new practices.

“Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude,” says Miriam Cloquell, Managing Director at producer and importer Bodega & Company, “and LOLEA N.3 has arrived as our company celebrates our own first anniversary in the United States.”

The innovative award-winning Sangria LOLEA bottle with swing-top cap will entice guest to enjoy the bottle design almost as much as the contents.
The new Spanish import, available in 750 ml bottles, is priced from $14.99 to $19.49 at select retailers in several states and online at www.tienda.com, www.freshdirect.com and at www.sangrialolea.com/SHOP.  To learn more visit www.sangrialolea.com.