A Cozy Fall Essential: The Drinking Jacket

With the fall season officially upon us, we thought we’d pass along a cozy essentials to liquid-fy your autmn.

Having a hard time drinking in harsh winter climate? The solution:The Drinking Jacket.

The Drinking Jacket is a stylish and comfortable premium hoodie with an integrated beverage system. What that means is: drinking made easier.

Imagine a jacket that facilitates drinking and includes everything needed to make drinking in freezing climate a whole lot easier. Don’t bring the party indoors, keep the party going outside with the Drinking Jacket. This hoodie includes 12 features that you didn’t know you needed: A bottle opener zipper, slip-resistant drink grips, deep pockets, hidden flask pocket and holders for money, accessories and much more! It’s the most versatile jacket to keep the cold away and the party going. Keep the good times rolling with the Drinking Jacket, also available in four modern colors.

We highly recommend Zane Lamprey’s Drinking Jacket. Why? Because it will be the most functioning jacket you never thought you needed. From a bottle opening zipper, to neoprene pockets deep enough for a bottle a can, with foldable drinking sleeves, they wont be able to remember life without it. Essential for tailgating season! This jacket is a must-have when the weather starts to cool down and the games start to heat up.