Mad March Hare Poitín Debuts a New Look And Taste

Mad March Hare, the award-winning Irish Poitín brand from Intrepid Spirits, has put its bottle through a design upgrade. The new imagery, inspired by Celtic art and mythology, creates a strong link to the ancient and legendary spirit, made in Ireland since the 6th century.

Mad March Hare

The iconic boxing hares have been part of the brand’s essence since the beginning, but the new label conveys a more authentic connection to Celtic symbolism and the rich tradition of poitín making in Ireland. The now endangered hare, which has inhabited the Irish countryside since the last ice age, will be the focus of the brand’s new design. In an effort to best represent the storied history behind the spirit, Mad March Hare’s new look also incorporates Celtic lettering, as well as a more classic representation of Irish art.

“The imagery of the hare has always been intrinsically linked to poitín makers.” Ralph continued, “Like those elusive hares, poitín makers have been relentlessly pursued, but rarely captured. They are bold in their conquests, yet able to seamlessly disappear when danger is near.”

Poitín is Ireland’s original spirit, dating back to at least the 6th century when records show
it was distilled by monks on the island. Long before Irish whiskey as we know it today came into existence, poitín was being made in nearly every town and village across the country. In 1661, the British Crown outlawed poitín in an effort to control, and therefore
tax, all distilled alcohol production in Ireland. For 300 years, fervent drinkers continued to produce their own poitíns, keeping them under the counter and out of sight. Though a beloved part of Irish culture, it wasn’t until 1997 that the Irish government re-legalized the production and sale of poitín.

“Mad March Hare is incredibly proud to have a very broad distribution outside of Ireland, and particularly in the United States,” comments John Ralph, CEO of Intrepid Spirits and creator of Mad March Hare. “With that honor must come the responsibility to portray our brand, and the rich history of poitín, as honestly as possible. That journey must begin with the first tool we have to hand, the packaging.”

Mad March Hare is part of the Intrepid Spirits portfolio and is available at 40% ABV in a 750ml bottle, with an SRP of $29.99.