Introducing Dos Equis Ranch Water Hard Seltzer

Dos Equis® is launching Dos Equis® Ranch Water Hard Seltzer, the latest innovation to join the popular Mexican Import portfolio, inspired by the flavors of the classic West Texas drink: tequila, sparkling mineral water, and lime. Dos Equis® Ranch Water

Dos Equis® Ranch Water is a hard seltzer with country soul, carefully crafted for those bone-dry summer days, when a regular refreshment just won’t cut it. Dos Equis® Ranch Water will be available in the classic lime flavor in 6-pack 12 oz. cans at 90 calories, 4.5% ABV, and 0g carbs, and 24 oz. single serve cans at 180 calories, 4.5% ABV, and 0g carbs.

The Dos Equis® Ranch Water product allows retailers to leverage Dos Equis’® trusted brand to drive penetration with hard seltzer drinkers in the category. With the success of the initial launch in Texas this Spring, the innovation will expand to additional markets in September 2021, including AZ, NM, CO, CA, NV, LA, OK, NY, NJ, and MA. The brand will look to offer a variety pack in Texas later in the year.

“The Dos Equis® brand, with +16.1% growth in the past year, is the 2nd largest Import brand in Texas and outsold the largest Hard Seltzer brand franchise[1], making our Dos Equis® Ranch Water innovation an easy decision, as both Dos Equis® Lager and Ranch Water were established in Texas with roots in Mexico,” says Hannah Dray, Brand Director. “Hard Seltzers alone drove 36.6% of category growth in the past year1. We believe Ranch Water to be the next big opportunity within the seltzer category, as Ranch Water 6 packs represent 25.1% of Hard Seltzer 6 packs and drove 49.1% of growth[2],” continues Dray. “Dos Equis® Ranch Water Hard Seltzer offers something unique within a seltzer category that is quickly becoming oversaturated.”

The launch will be supported through localized OOH, radio and streaming audio, digital and social media, influencer support, sampling, POS visibility in the English and Spanish language, merchandise, and e-commerce. POS assets, with a 12 oz. and 24 oz. can focus, include standees, elliptical cans, case stackers, tuck cards, floor coolers, ice bin dividers, cooler decals, floor decals, suction cups, and a 3-sided display topper.