Greenbar Distillery Adds “UnSpritz” to Portfolio of RTDs

Greenbar Distillery, Los Angeles’ first distillery since Prohibition and home to the world’s largest portfolio of USDA certified organic spirits, has created a non-alcoholic version of its popular Hibiscus Spritz. The new Hibiscus “UnSpritz” will roll out in select Whole Foods locations in California, Colorado, Texas and Mid-Atlantic States later this month.

greenbar distillery unspritz

The lush and tangy drink is the alcohol-free Californian version of an afternoon Italian tradition, balancing floral and berry notes with a blend of hibiscus, lavender, orange, chamomile, apple, ginger and rose hips with a hint of bitterness.

While the trend of low and non-alcoholic beverages is on the rise nationwide, 80% of those who buy adult non-alcoholic beverages still drink alcohol. This familiarity with alcoholic cocktails brings high taste expectations to non-alcoholic cocktails.

When making non-alcoholic drinks, Greenbar uses many of the same methods it uses to make its spirits like traditional distillation and infusion techniques. The makers then boil off the alcohol in a special dealcoholization process which ensures the real aromas, flavors and textures are captured authentically.

This makes the company’s RTDs the most high-quality options for both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks, proving that customers don’t have to compromise on taste to skip the buzz.

“At Greenbar, we put in the time, effort and innovation to make our alcohol-free drinks as complex and delicious as our alcoholic ones, and we’re excited to provide another organic and made-from-scratch option for this growing group of consumers,” says Melkon Khosrovian, co-founder of Greenbar Distillery. “On top of using the best ingredients and techniques, we’re proud to give back to the environment more than we take from it as we produce our drinks. One tree is planted for every pack of cans sold, fulfilling our mission of making better spirits for a better planet.”

The UnSpritz will be available for purchase in 12oz 4-packs with an SRP of $14.99. It joins Greenbar’s collection of other non-alcoholic Bitters+Sodas and highballs including the crisp and fresh UnGin+Tonic, which packs the qualities of a freshly-made G&T into a canned cocktail, as well as the warm and spicy UnRum+Cola, full of real rum flavors layered with baking spices, fresh citrus and kola nut. Greenbar also offers alcoholic Highballs and Spritz options in RTD format, bringing the company’s portfolio of USDA certified organic canned beverages to 10.