Disaronno International Launches EnGINE Gin

Disaronno International announces the launch of a new Italian gin, inspired by motorsports and hand-crafted with 100% organic Italian ingredients. EnGINe Gin is the creation of fashion and spirits entrepreneur Paolo Dalla Mora, who drew inspiration from his love of classic cars and motorcycles and his enjoyment of traditional North Italian flavors, blending them together into an elegant spirit packaged in a unique tin vessel.

engine gin

Made in small lots in Langhe, the heart of Italy’s automobile industry, EnGINe Gin incorporates traditional Italian botanicals that are 100% organic, including Ligurian sage, lemon, licorice root, and damask rose. Vacuum distillation using a rotary evaporator preserves the most delicate aromas and flavors, allowing the true character of the gin to shine. Drawing on its founder’s love of motorsports, EnGINe Gin is packaged not in a bottle but a unique tin oil can that evokes the classic age of automobiles.

“The idea to develop EnGINe stems from a union of my two great passions, the world of motors and spirits, a market I have worked in for over ten years. For some time, I had in mind a beverage project and one day, while I was working on my bike in the garage in Barbaresco drinking a cup of the traditional Langa digestive with hot water, lemon peel and sage leaves, I thought it would be interesting to reproduce those very flavors in an alcoholic version and taste it in a long drink,” said Paolo Dalla Mora, Founder of EnGINe Gin. “Once the formula was defined with the help of expert hands and good palates, I started imagining what the aesthetics of the project could be and, considering that it all took shape in my garage, I thought it would be suitable for EnGINe to have an identity that went in another direction with respect to the transparency that spirits look for today—something dirtier, unexpected, capable of completely distorting the concept of a bottle. EnGINe is, in fact, the first gin in a tin container, and with its strong, decisive spirit, it radically contrasts with a gin aesthetic which instead is becoming increasingly limpid, pure and clean.”

EnGINe Gin stands out for its distinctly Italian flavors, with vivacious lemon and intense sage contrasting with classic juniper notes, supported by sweet licorice and delicate rose. It makes a unique Gin and Tonic, garnished with a fresh sage leaf, and works well in any classic gin cocktail, from the Martini to the Negroni. Given its motor-inspired creation, EnGINe is also perfect for the Automobile, a classic cocktail made with gin, scotch, sweet vermouth and orange bitters.

EnGINe Gin is 42% abv and carries a suggested retail price of $29.99. It will be available nationwide at fine retail stores and through https://www.engine.land.