Botran Rum Reenters the U.S. Market

Botran Rum, the top selling aged rum in Guatemala, has reentered the U.S. market after a three-year hiatus revealing a fresh look and touting new certifications.

botran rum

Enrobed in striking new packaging with iconography inspired by Guatemala’s many natural resources, Botran’s revamped look is a complete departure from the brand’s earlier, more traditional appearance. “The brand refresh is meant to invite consumers to experience the colorful, joyful and vibrant side of Guatemala while better communicating Botran’s position as one of the top premium rums across the world” explained Ivan Valdez, Senior Global Brand Manager for Licores de Guatemala, the parent company of Botran Rum. “Our new vision is to fill every glass with the bright and vibrant spirit of Guatemalan rum.”

The new packaging features certification stamps that highlight two of Botran’s distinctive qualities: “Ron de Guatemala” Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and the brand’s ISCC Plus (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) accreditation certifying Botran as the world’s first sustainable rum across all parts of the rum journey including plantations, mill, distillery, ageing facilities, and bottling, or as Botran likes to say, “from crop to drop.”

In addition to the new seals on the bottle, Botran recently earned Carbon Neutral Certification from SGS in recognition of the brand’s commitment to our planet, since 1977 Botran has planted and grown more than 1.8 million trees in Guatemala. Consequently, Botran self-mitigates its carbon footprint without the need to purchase carbon credits.

With the new packaging comes a new outlook. Alexandra Alfaro, Corporate Marketing Director for Licores de Guatemala says, “Botran’s essence is captured in our statement ‘MAKE IT RONTASTIC’. Sustainable, fresh, Guatemalan, rum-loving, eye-smiling, friendship-starting with unfiltered openness. We invite consumers to experience our vibrancy which is more than rum and more than fantastic.” The new attitude runs through all aspects of the brand including all marketing communications, social media, POS materials, etc.

About Botran Rum

Botran Rum was founded more than 80 years ago in 1940 by five Botran brothers (Venancio, Andrés, Jesús, Felipe and Alejandro) who emigrated to Guatemala from Burgos, Spain. Upon arriving in Guatemala, the brothers began producing rum in small quantities. Eventually they unified other family distillers to establish Licores de Guatemala whose current Chairman is Don Jaime Botran, the second generation.

Botran Rum is a single estate rum that is produced from two varieties of cane harvested between November and April in the fields of Retalhuleu located on the Pacific south coast of the country.

Once harvested, the estate uses the first press of sugarcane, also known as ‘virgin sugar cane honey,’ for a slow, discontinuous fermentation with pineapple yeast that lasts between 100 – 120 hours before it is expertly distilled in copper sectioned stills at the San Andrés Villaseca Distillery. Once complete, the distillate makes the journey to 2300 meters above sea level to Casa Botran in the Quetzaltenango Highlands where the rums slowly age at an average temperature of 14˚C.

The high-altitude maturation is complemented by Botran’s proprietary Dynamic Ageing System, which was adapted by the Botran brothers from the solera system. Rather than a traditional solera pyramid, Botran stacks their vintages in columns. Each column features different types of casks to keep the process dynamic and amplify the flavors. As the rums are blended, the casks are repositioned, and the process is repeated. Over time, Botran’s younger rums take on the bold flavors and distinct personalities of the more mature rums in the column.

The rums are blended and looked after by Botran’s three Master Blenders:

  • Magda López, Master Blender and Ageing Facility Manager
  • Yazmín Chapeton, Master Blender and Head of Manufacturing & Blends
  • Leslie Taracena, Master Blender and Blend Researcher & Coordinator

The three “Maestras Roneras” work in concert with one another to craft the dynamically aged (solera adapted) rums of Botran, which never include added sugar:

Ron Botran No. 8: blend of rums aged 5 – 8 years old, SRP: $19.99/700ml
Ron Botran No. 12: blend of rums aged 5 – 12 years old, SRP: $24.99/700ml
Ron Botran No. 15: blend of rums aged 5 – 15 years old, SRP: $32.99/700ml
Ron Botran No. 18: blend of rums aged 5 – 18 years old, SRP, $44.99/700ml
Ron Botran Reserva Blanca: blend of rums aged 3 – 8 years old, SRP: $24.99/700ml

Imported exclusively into the US by Mexcor International Wine and Spirits, Botran Rum has already relaunched in the brand’s three core markets: Florida, California, and Texas. The rums can also be found in nine additional markets: Arizona, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.