Need to be more profitable when you reopen? The Perlick Ice Vault can help.

Perlick Ice Vault Large Format Ice Management SystemToday’s bartenders aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of traditional cocktails so they can give customers an experience that can’t be created at home. Especially considering most Americans haven’t visited their favorite establishments in months, once the country officially reopens, customers will be eager for a special night out. Craft cocktails are always evolving, but one aspect doesn’t change: the need for elegant, large format ice cubes. The new Perlick Ice Vault Large Format Ice Management System provides storage for large format ice and mixers, and is designed by a man who knows his craft cocktails: Bar Magic founder and Perlick partner Tobin Ellis.

As a bartender with more than two decades of experience, Ellis partnered with Perlick’s experienced engineering and design team, who know what bartenders need in order to maximize speed and profitability. In addition, Perlick always strives to produce the safest products in the industry. The Perlick Ice Vault is the only product on the market that is NSF certified for the storage and preparation of craft ice, so bartenders are assured the large format ice they are serving their customers is the freshest ice possible.

Increased Efficiency and Higher Profits

The perfect partner to Perlick’s Tobin Ellis Signature Cocktail Station, the Perlick Ice Vault is designed to maximize speed for bartenders and bar owners, so they can be more profitable every shift. The Ice Vault creates a bartending space that is ergonomic and efficient, so bartenders can work more quickly, meaning more tips for the bartender and more profits for the bar owner.

The vault’s rear freezer compartment stores up to 48 large format cubes within easy reach of the bartender, meaning no more running to the back freezer for specialty ice. All compartments are also designed to store juices, vermouths, champagne, and spirits at optimal temperature, making it easy to create the perfect specialty cocktail without ever leaving the cocktail station, increasing both speed and flexibility.

One-Of-A-Kind Front Compartment

The VariChill™ adjustable temperature damper allows bartenders to adjust the temperature in the front compartment for storage of juices, spirits, vermouths, or any other bottled ingredient. In addition, the included tempering pan allows ice to be pulled forward to reach optimal bloom temperature, preventing the ice from cracking in specialty drinks. With large format ice cubes costing bar owners $1-2 per cube, this system is the only one available today to make using them profitable, guaranteeing they stay intact and perfect for every customer.

perlick ice vault

The Ice Vault features flexible and unique temperature-controlled storage options. The rear freezer compartment holds up to 48 large format ice cubes, and the included divider can separate the rear vault into two sections for separating different shapes of craft ice cubes.

“Perlick’s bar and restaurant customers have come to expect innovative products that help bartenders provide the best customer experience possible. With the surge in the craft cocktail industry, we feel this product is coming at just the right time to ensure that the heart of the cocktail, the ice, is protected so customers can drink the best craft cocktail possible,” explained Jim Koelbl, Perlick Vice President of Commercial Sales.

Sleek Aesthetic, Perfect Temps

Like all Perlick products, the Perlick Ice Vault is not only durable, it’s also a beautiful piece of bar equipment, featuring stainless steel construction and water-tight seams. The rear freezer compartment is adjustable between -20°F to +10°F to maintain clear ice for up to 3 days. The front vault operates at 30° to 55°F, and the temperature can be adjusted using the VariChill™ Damper.

“Our customers rely on consistent temperatures and durability, so they can focus on the task at hand: running a bar and keeping customers happy. We try to make that as easy as possible for them,” Koelbl adds.

There are a couple available options for the Ice Vault. One is a freestanding unit with a 4’ or 6’ backsplash. The Perlick Ice Vault can be incorporated into any Modbar line up, or can be selected as part of the PTE68-C pre-configured station.

Energy Efficient, Eco-Friendly Design

Not only is the Perlick Ice Vault a new concept that will change the bar industry, Perlick is staying true to its promise to produce products that are Eco-Friendly. The Ice Vault features R290 high efficiency, zero-ozone depleting refrigerant, so bar owners can feel good about the using this product.

Easier, Faster Serviceability

Perlick dedicates considerable time to ensuring our products provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. If service is required, your dealer can provide you with a list of qualified service agents.

Photo by alleksana from Pexels