Whiskeysmith Co. Flavored Whiskey Launches a Variety of Flavors Nationwide

Whiskeysmith Co., brainchild of Old Elk Distillery in Fort Collins, CO, has launched a line of flavored whiskeys across the United States. Whiskeysmith Flavored Whiskeys are crafted with a backbone of real American whiskey and natural flavors. Each flavor – chocolate, banana, pineapple, blood orange, salted caramel, peach and coconut – acts as a cocktail in a bottle and can be enjoyed on its own, while also adding incredible depth of flavor to any cocktail creation.

Whiskeysmith Co.

Born in a small town, there is nothing “small” about Whiskeysmith’s ambitions. “We are founded in flavor and find comfort in our craft,” says Melinda Maddox, Beverage Director of Whiskeysmith. “Our platform for flavor ideation, combined with handcrafted American whiskey, creates a product that is really unique in the whiskey category. Our line of Whiskeysmith Flavored Whiskeys offers something for every palate.”

Whiskeysmith’s team are experts in their craft and hail from all corners of the industry. The result is a line of innovative flavored whiskeys sure to shake up any bar. Rooted in passion and innovation, they have created an impressive line of seven flavors, which can be enjoyed neat or impress cocktail enthusiasts with their versatility. “Just add two dashes of your favorite bitters to two ounces of Whiskeysmith Blood Orange and voilà! You have yourself an Old Fashioned,” adds Maddox.

This new line of original flavored whiskeys was carefully selected to capture both the backbone of American whiskey and the complex flavoring through the true essence of the extracts. By tapping the talent of industry experts, Whiskeysmith works continuously to deliver on quality. The result is in the liquid: whiskey with flavors that are true to taste.