New WSWA Convention Experience to Return in 2023

Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA) is pleased to announce a new, reimagined convention experience to launch on April 3–6, 2023 in Orlando, Florida. With the intention to cultivate a new best-in-class event for the wine and spirits industry and with caution for continued pandemic concerns, WSWA will not be holding a Convention and Exposition in 2022.
WSWA understands the important role this annual event has played for wholesalers, suppliers, retailers, and other vendors within the industry for more than 75 years. To provide the best, strongest, and most transformative event for attendees, WSWA has completely reimagined the 2,800-person event. The 2023 experience will showcase supplier growth, provide media asset creation, encourage deal-making and networking, as well as deliver experiential learning and wholesaler thought leadership.

“We have designed a future-forward wine and spirits experience based on feedback from industry experts, retail and supplier partners, and our association leadership. The future of world-class events was changing pre-COVID and, like so many things, COVID accelerated the need to embrace innovation,” said WSWA President and CEO, Michelle Korsmo. “We know WSWA will deliver the best immersive event for attendees, and we can’t wait to welcome the industry back for an outstanding WSWA experience in 2023.”

As evidenced by the ongoing rocky large-scale event recovery, and as felt by other large trade associations, WSWA, with input from board members and industry partners, decided that hosting a large event where tastings and meeting in-person are paramount was not for the best in the Spring of 2022.

WSWA Chairman Chris Underwood, board of managers for RNDC-West stated, “As someone who has attended the convention for 25 years, I am extremely proud of our collective revisioning work for the convention. Our industry is built on relationships and the convention has always been a great conduit for building lifelong ones. WSWA’s new convention format will certainly enhance this experience for all, for decades to come.”

“The WSWA Board weighed heavily in this new direction, and this is the right move for the industry. I am positive that the convention and trade show event we launch in 2023 will once again be the epicenter for beverage alcohol for years to come,” said Tom Cole, current Vice Chairman, and Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors for RNDC. “WSWA’s convention has and will always be the strongest platform to foster the acceleration of all three-tiers of the industry as we continue to make the U.S. alcohol marketplace the best in the world.”

Immediate Past Chairman for WSWA, Danny Wirtz, addressed the 2023 decision, saying, “I know how highly anticipated the return of the WSWA convention is, but having lived this redesign process, I believe this is going to be the best industry event we’ve experienced. Coming back in a big way will further energize and galvanize all three tiers as we toast a full recovery of the industry,” he added. “There will be unique offerings, tailored experiences and unparalleled business development opportunities for craft and small production brands.”

WSWA looks forward to seeing industry members in April 2023. Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding this new experience.

Save the date for April 3 – 6, 2023 in Orlando, Florida!