Brockmans Gin Debuts Virtual Interactive Master Class

Brockmans Gin recently launched innovative and interactive Virtual Master Class events inviting mixologists, influencers, and spirits enthusiasts to explore the exciting world of Gin and how the use of traditional and non-traditional botanicals that make Brockmans The ‘Properly Improper Gin’. Brockmans Gin US Ambassador, Matthew Hart, hosted the events in partnership with key spirits influencers to engage directly with gin devotees and influencer followers.

First up, Brockmans Gin hosted a special live and Virtual Masterclass and cocktail-making event in partnership with @tonightspoison! In-person consumer and influencer followers gathered at Tara Rose in mid-town Manhattan while virtual guests gathered on Zoom to learn the art of creating two of Brockmans signature cocktails – the Brockmans Perfect Serve Gin & Tonic and the Brockmans Wet Dog. Virtual guests were sent a Brockmans Gin & botanical kit in advance to allow them to take part in the tasting in real time.

Following the NY event, Brockmans, in partnership with influencers @tonightspoison and @#licencetodistill, hosted an Instagram live Virtual Masterclass event in which participants discovered the unique blend of botanicals in Brockmans Gin and learned how to create the event’s signature cocktail, the Brockmans Negroni.

Finally, Brockmans, in partnership with @tonightspoison and @#licencetodistill, hosted an Instagram live Virtual Masterclass training and cocktail making event featuring the Brockmans Perfect Serve and Wet Dog cocktails. Attendees received Brockmans Cocktail Kits prior to the live event to allowing them to experience making the cocktails in time with the experts.

During the virtual events, attendees across the country, were encouraged to post ‘Properly Improper’ cocktail recipes and photos to their Instagram accounts for the chance to win prizes. Winner were selected based on cocktail name, original recipe, and photo. Top winners from these events were:

brockmans gin Virtual Master Class









brockmans gin

Matthew Hart, Brockmans Gin US Brand Ambassador commented, “Through these dynamic and interactive live and virtual events, we were able to reach and sample over 275 direct participant (live and virtual) and generate over 7,000 engagements and 100 highly curated photos from followers on Instagram. We are excited to continue to build on this program with a full schedule of Virtual Masterclass events set to launch in 2022. Follow @Brockmans Gin for updated information on events throughout the year.”