Westland Releases 4th Edition of Garryana American Oak Single Malt

Westland’s Native Oak Series continues its exploration of a completely new variety of oak for the whiskey industry – the very rare Quercus garryana. With the September release of Garryana American Oak Single MaltGarryana Edition 4|1, Westland again reveals more about how this unique Pacific Northwest oak contributes to the flavor profile of single malt whiskey.

While this year’s release of Garryana includes some casks traditionally used in whiskey-making, such as first-fill ex-rye and bourbon casks, the spotlight is squarely on the marriage of Garry oak and Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks. For the fourth installment of Garryana, Master Distiller Matt Hofmann and Blender Shane Armstrong wanted to explore whether these two rich and assertive flavors could live together in a single whiskey.

“This year’s release continues our inquiry and plants yet another marker in unchartered territory that still seems to have no horizon,” says Hofmann. “We sought to find out what happens when two of the deepest wells of flavor combine in one bottle.”

Garryana Edition 4|1
(750ml, 50% ABV, $149.99, 3,750 bottles in total)
Nose: Custard, blackberry syrup, dulce de leche, slightly savory
Palate: Dried blueberries, fudgesicle, fresh oak, grilled plum

Just 3,750 bottles of Garryana 4|1 will be available in limited distribution globally.