Tippy Cow® Gets All Dressed Up

Tippy Cow new packagingTippy Cow Rum Cream has introduced an all new look for its complete line of nostalgic flavors which includes Orange Cream, Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Soft Serve and Shamrock Mint.

“The new dressed-up packaging better communicates Tippy Cow’s quality and provides a bottle display that really stands out on a back bar,” said John Reiter, president of Midwest Custom Bottling.   “The new look increases consumer recognition of the brand as a high-quality cream liqueur while colorfully conveying each of Tippy Cow’s long-loved nostalgic flavors found inside every bottle. “

The brand will be using the release of its new packaging to continue the momentum from a sales jump of more than twenty-five percent in 2018.

Blended with the finest Caribbean rum and the freshest real dairy cream from Wisconsin, Tippy Cow flavors like Orange Cream, Chocolate Shake, Vanilla Soft Serve and Shamrock Mint are reminiscent of iconic sweet creamy flavors.   Consumers say they remind them of a Dreamsicle, a Wendy’s FrostyÔ, a Dairy Queen Soft Serve and a Shamrock ShakeÔ.

Tippy Cow is available nationally at on and off-premise locations. The suggested retail price for a 750ml bottle of Tippy Cow is $17.99. Tippy Cow 50ml mini bottles are also available at a suggested retail price of $1.49. Tippy Cow recipes for unique drink concoctions can be found at www.tippy-cow.com.