Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin Launches in US Market

Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin, a classic style juniper- led gin, whose namesake created Thomas Dakin Small Batch Ginthe world’s first quality English gin and founded the world’s oldest continuous gin distillery in 1761, is now available in the United States.

Thomas Dakin pioneered the development and refinement of high quality English Gin, in 1761, at the beginning of the industrial revolution in the North of England at age 25. His inventive and enlightened outlook created a superior quality gin, heritage and legacy that lives on to this day. Many gin makers followed Dakin but he was the man that started it all and is widely regarded as the forefather of quality English gin.

Named in honor of Thomas Dakin, the young gin innovator, the small batch gin was crafted by Master Gin Distiller Joanne Moore, of G&J Distillers, England’s oldest continuous gin distilling company. Dakin is distilled in a baby pot still, using a secret recipe of eleven botanicals including juniper, orange peel and English coriander, with the unique addition of red cole, a root botanical used in the 18th Century, known today as horseradish. Dakin possesses sweet orange and citrus notes on the palate and a smooth, savory finish, thanks to the cubebs and red cole.

“We’re pleased to launch this classic style gin to the United States market, which takes inspiration from Thomas Dakin, a young entrepreneur from 18th century northern England, whose inventive and enlightened outlook paved the way for gin as we know it today,” says David Hume, Creator & Director, Thomas Dakin Gin at Quintessential Brands, speaking at the brand’s launch event in New York City earlier this week.

Thomas Dakin comes in a square bottle featuring heavy embossing on the glass and on the distinctive red label which, in line with 18th century packaging, includes detailed text on Thomas Dakin and the gin inside the bottle. Thomas Dakin is best enjoyed in a variety of classic cocktails including the Tom & Tonic, Manchester Bee and Negroni. NYC-based Domaine Select Wine & Spirits will handle the brand’s distribution in the New York and New Jersey markets, the small batch gin is currently available at a variety of premium on and off premise locations in NY and NJ.

While currently distilled by G&J Distillers in Warrington, Cheshire, close to where Thomas Dakin distilled his original gin, Thomas Dakin Gin will soon be distilled in Manchester when the new distillery is built. Thomas Dakin Gin and G&J Distillers are owned by the Quintessential Brands Group.

Thomas Dakin Gin is now available, $34.99per 750ml size, 42% alc./vol., in New York and New Jersey.