Southern Winery Launches Canned Tea-Wine

Natchez Hills Winery naughty teaNatchez Hills Winery, a boutique family vineyard and winery located just south of Nashville, is celebrating the launch of its first canned wine. Naughty TEA—a best seller for the Tennessee winery and the first of its kind on the market—is now available in 8-ounce four-packs.

The proprietary product, which is classified as a wine, despite containing no grapes, is made with 100 percent natural sweet tea that goes through the wine fermentation process.

“Winemaking and creative expression go hand in hand, and Naughty TEA is a product that directly reflects that mindset,” said Jim Odom, owner of Natchez Hills Winery. “We set out to produce a quality product that was versatile and unique, and we could not be more excited to expand upon that vision with the release of Naughty TEA recyclable cans.”

Cheers to Convenience

The popularity of canned wines has increased steadily over the last several years, specifically among on-the-go consumers who prefer products be convenient rather than conventional.

With slightly sweet notes of peach and black tea, Naughty TEA four-packs offer a refreshing complement to a day spent in the sun, not to mention an easily portable option for consumers to take with them to any glass-free, outdoor festivity.

“Sweet tea is a staple of southern culture and it was important to us that we stay as true to the traditional flavor profile of the drink as possible, while still putting our own original twist on it,” said Odom. “Still though, we recommend drinking Naughty TEA the same way you’d drink the real thing; ice-cold and in good company.”

In addition to Naughty TEA, Natchez Hills Vineyard and Winery produces over a dozen traditionally bottled varietals, including Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and a selection of special blends.

Naughty TEA four-packs is available for purchase online and in most liquor stores throughout Middle Tennessee.