Q Mixers Introduces Hibiscus Ginger Beer

Q Mixers, the Brooklyn based brand of premium mixers, announces the addition of Hibiscus Ginger Beer to its collection of flavors.

Q Mixers Hibiscus Ginger Beer

Q Hibiscus Ginger Beer will be available at Target stores nationwide beginning in March in 7.5 oz cans available in a four-pack.


Q Hibiscus Ginger Beer contains hibiscus and rose hips and is spicy, bright and flowery with a bright pink hue to match. It brings the same extra spicy kick to a Mule as Q Ginger Beer, and as with all Q mixers, Hibiscus Ginger Beer is highly carbonated, naturally sweetened, and free of artificial ingredients. Q Mixers never contain high fructose corn syrup.

Said Q Mixers Founder and CEO Jordan Silbert, “The Mule is one of the most popular cocktails in America. Q Hibiscus Ginger Beer gives mule lovers a new way to liven their favorite drink up. It’s built for those nights when you want something a little more special. It’s a one way ticket to somewhere special.

He continued, “Target has almost 2000 locations in the US alone. They welcome 1.2 million shoppers daily and boast more than 27 million users of the Target app. That Target is seeing enough demand for innovative, premium mixers is further proof that consumers are demanding mixers that are just as high-quality as every other ingredient that goes into their favorite Mule, Highball, low-ABV and non-alcoholic cocktail. And that Target looks to us make it, is absolutely incredible – we’ve come a long way from my kitchen.”