Monin Launches Energy Boost Beverage Enhancement – Unique Product for On-Premise

Monin, a global manufacturer and beverage solutions expert with more than 100 years of experience, introduces Energy Boost. In just ½ ounce of this revolutionary product, operators can conveniently and quickly add 55 milligrams of natural caffeine into any beverage (hot or cold, water, cocktails and more), without altering the flavor of the original drink.

Monin Energy Boost

Monin Energy Boost contains natural caffeine, is low in calories and contains zero sugar. With more caffeine in one serving than a typical diet cola and as much as a cup of coffee, this new beverage enhancement delivers impactful energy in each beverage, with the full bottle containing enough boosts for 67 energy drinks. Additionally, the 1L PET bottle is recyclable, and does not generate the excessive packaging waste that a typical canned energy drink would create.

“One of the unique benefits of this new product pertains to sustainability and storage,” says Bill Lombardo, CEO of Monin Americas. “With 67 servings in each bottle, operators can create signature energy-enhanced beverages to replace costly and wasteful RTD [ready to drink] energy cans. Imagine the storage space and environmental waste generated by 67 RTD cans. Considering this and the fact that cost per serving with Monin Energy Boost is less than one-third that of the other Energy SKUs [stock-keeping units], and you immediately recognize the multiple benefits with this new product.”

Interest in “conscious consumption,” or consumers who consider the environmental and societal impacts of their shopping choices, has intensified due to the pandemic, according to research by Accenture. In addition, restaurant patrons continue to search for healthier drinks that provide functional benefits, with low or no sugar and no synthetic sweeteners. According to The Hartman Group’s Modern Beverage Report, more than half (62 percent) of consumers agree that beverages play an important role in their health and wellness. In addition, almost half (44 percent) want their beverages to do something for them, such as provide energy, nutrients, or other benefits.

Made with guarana, green coffee extract, ashwagandha, ginseng, and Coffeeberry® Whole Coffee Fruit Extract, Monin Energy Boost is clean label, and contains a premium blend of plant extracts, plus energy and cognitive boosting ingredients.

“Energy Boost is a very mixable liquid and a great way for any operator to personalize beverages with an impactful and clean label list of ingredients,” says Stasha Johnston, senior vice president of marketing. “With just two pumps, it seamlessly enhances the functionality of any drink, from cocktails and mocktails to coffees, water and more. The convenience coupled with the impact of Monin Energy Boost makes this introduction a very exciting one, and a huge win for operators looking to offer energy beverages in a versatile way.”

For more than 100 years, Monin has been dedicated to leading the industry in innovation by creating naturally inspired, authentic flavorings made with the highest quality ingredients. Monin is the premium flavor choice for coffeehouse and foodservice operators around the world. Monin offers more than 230 gourmet flavors, available in over 150 countries, with thousands of creative recipe applications.