Five Wives Vodka’s New, Unique Packaging

Five Wives VodkaLaunching in 2012, Five Wives quickly became a favorite among vodka drinkers in Utah, with three popular product lines. While the brand was finding success with its affordable, flavored vodkas, they quickly realized the need to appeal to a premium spirit drinker.

Yet launching a new, high-end vodka line would mean packaging adjustments to a heavy-duty bottle with a premium look, so Five Wives turned to Berlin Packaging and its Studio One Eleven design team for answers.

After rigorous research, Berlin Packaging presented Five Wives with six unique packaging options. Rather than choosing one, Five Wives decided to infuse elements from all six options into the final product. Berlin Packaging fused the design concepts together to create a bottle with branding consistent with Five Wives’ existing product lines, yet unique enough on its own to appeal to more sophisticated drinkers.

The newly-launched Five Wives Premium product is packaged in a long-neck, 750 mL super-flint glass bottle, offering consumers a view of the product clarity and reflecting the brand’s dedication to providing a pure, smooth product. The bottle also features a fully-frosted silkscreen graphic that wraps around the entire bottle, prominently showcasing the snow-covered Wasatch Mountain range, which is located adjacent to the Five Wives production facility. The bottle also maintains brand equity, featuring the brand’s signature Five Wives logo on the front of the bottle and a black and white illustration of the wives printed on the back.

Already, the Five Wives Premium line is receiving rave reviews from customers and retailers, alike. The product is exceeding sales expectations in Utah, with plans in place to launch in nine additional markets in the future.