Fever-Tree Mixers Launches New Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic

Fever-Tree, the world’s leading producer of premium tonics and mixers, today announces Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic its Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic is arriving in the U.S. market. A limited edition, Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic perfectly captures the essence of summer and complements spirits like gin, vodka, tequila, aperitifs and more, with 43% fewer calories than Fever Tree Tonics. Delicate and crisp, Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic joins Fever-Tree’s pioneering Refreshingly Light range of low-calorie mixers (SRP $5.99/200 ml 4-pack).

Refreshingly Light Cucumber will be poured in leading bars nationwide, including New York’s Williamsburg Hotel, Saxon + Parole, across Gabriel Stulman’s Happy Cooking Hospitality, as well asMiami’s Blackbird Ordinary; Denver’s El Five and Edible Beast Restaurant Group and Seattle’s Queen City Grill. It is set for a Summer roll out to additional bars, restaurants and retailers across the U.S.

The expression is made using cucumber essence from fresh U.S.-grown cucumbers for an unrivaled crispness of flavor. The light cucumber essence notes are perfectly balanced with the soft bitterness of Fever-Tree’s signature quinine from the fever trees of Eastern Congo. The result is a wonderfully balanced and crisp mixer, with a distinctively fresh, summery taste and aroma.

Expanding the Refreshingly Light Offering

With only 40 calories per serving, Fever-Tree blends fruit sugars with the same quinine used in the brand’s regular range to provide consumers with the greatest possible choices without compromising on taste. Refreshingly Light Cucumber is the fourth expression in the Refreshingly Light line, joining lighter versions of Fever-Tree Ginger Beer, Fever-Tree Ginger Ale and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.

A String of New Fever-Tree Expression Introductions

Refreshingly Light Cucumber reflects the company’s commitment to continuously innovating dynamic new flavors and expressions. It follows Fever-Tree’s successful introductions of Aromatic Tonic, Citrus Tonic, Spiced Orange Ginger Ale, Smoky Ginger Ale and Refreshingly Light Ginger Ale.

A New Fever-Tree Tonic Pairing Wheel

Fever-Tree Tonics have been carefully crafted to complement the varied flavors of spirits beyond gin. Fever-Tree concurrently unveils its Fever-Tree Tonic Pairing Wheel following its latest Ginger Wheel reveal. The new wheel encourages the simple philosophy of premium mixer, premium spirit, and elevated garnish to create versatile, refreshing cocktails.

Fever-Tree North American CEO Charles Gibb said:
“Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic draws inspiration from a growing desire for better choices and the popularity of clean and fresh flavors. The light and crisp notes balance perfectly with Fever-Tree’s signature quinine, sourced from the Eastern Congo and soft spring water, which is carbonated in classic Fever-Tree style.”

Fever-Tree USA Marketing Director Amanda Stackman said:
“Our Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic has an invigorating taste and nose, which pairs perfectly with floral and fresh gins and vodkas for a fresh, yet traditional twist on the quintessential summer tipples, the Gin & Tonic and the Vodka & Tonic, and also marries well with tequila and even Aperol.”


Signature Long Serves to Beat Summer’s Heat

Garden Party G&T
3 parts Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber
1 part Tanqueray Gin

Add gin to a copa glass, add ice and top with Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber. Garnish with a thin cucumber ribbon.

Italian Riviera

3 parts Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber
1 part Aperol

Add Aperol to a highball glass, add ice and top with Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber. Garnish with thin cucumber slices and a crack of sea salt.