JiffyMasks.com Now Supplying Face Coverings to Bar, Restaurant and Food Service Industries

Jiffymasks.comAs bars and restaurants around the country begin to reopen and continue to struggle with finding masks for employees, JiffyMasks.com, a leading supplier of non-medical face-coverings for companies and individuals, announced that it is able to quickly provide bar restaurants and food service industry professionals with immediate access to a wide variety of masks, at low prices.

The masks, made from the same fabrics used to make t-shirts to provide maximum comfort, are offered in a wide variety of quantity options based upon how each individual face cover is packaged. These range from buying packages of six face covers at a time up to 2,400, depending on the face cover that the customer desires. JiffyMasks.com offers one, two and three-ply masks, washable and disposable options, and bulk discounts for all of its face covers, as well as fast, free shipping on any order over $59.

“With masks in high-demand and short supply, and certain industries such as bars, restaurants and food services in immediate need for high quality face-coverings for employees, JiffyMasks.com is proud that our complete line is now available for shipping,“ said Jason Buchanan, vice president of sales at JiffyMasks.com. “Our goal is to help these companies and their stores get back in business, while maintaining safety for customers and employees.”

For employees working at a register, behind the bar, at the drive-thru, interacting with customers, preparing/serving meals or stocking shelves, face coverings are required and essential and JiffyMasks’ products provide comfort and security for the potentially long work hours that may include a high level of interactions with consumers and fellow employees.

Quantities and prices currently available on JiffyMasks.com include:

  • 2,400 quantity, 50/50 Cotton/Poly Face Covering for $2,199 (less than 92 cents each)
  • 200 Pack, Adult 100% Cotton 2­-Ply Face Cover for $599
  • 24 Pack, Single Use Non-Medical Face Cover for $27.99
  • 48 Pack, Next Level Adult Eco Performance Face Cover for $109.99
Photo: Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash