Bars & Restaurants Have a New Tool to Adapt to a Changing Industry

ordering online takeout delivery COVID-19 payment processingParTech, Inc. (PAR), a leading global provider of point-of-sale (POS) software and integrated technical solutions to the restaurant and retail industries, is pleased to announce that the latest release of Brink POS features enhancements specifically for table service operators.

ParTech recently released Brink POS v5.0c for Table Service Operators, and now has partnered with Restaurant Revolution Technologies (REVOLUTION) and its digital ordering product, Order One Maverick, to enable restaurants to grow off-premise business by offering more ways to order for delivery, curbside pickup, and takeout. This means creating additional avenues for orders, higher revenue, and the ability to keep the doors open no matter what the future holds. ParTech and Revolution will not charge subscription software fees until 2021.

Ryan Volberg, ParTech’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Brink commented, “Our goal for this most recent release is to firmly establish Brink as a leader in table service, particularly in the enterprise and multi-location segments. Not only does Brink POS now offer the features needed to succeed at scale in the most demanding table service environments, it continues to offer the API’s and integrations table service concepts need to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace. New business models and opportunities in table service are emerging before our eyes. They all have one thing in common; an emphasis on meeting the new, unprecedented needs of the off-premise guest. Brink POS is uniquely suited to helping operators rise to these challenges.”delivery takeout COVID-19

“The COVID-19 health crisis has accelerated the future technology needs of the restaurant industry. Dine-in visits will be forever changed by the impact of social distancing, and restaurants embracing innovative technologies like digital ordering for delivery, takeout, curbside pickup, group ordering and catering will be poised to thrive long term,” said Mike Niemann, Head of Business Development at REVOLUTION.

“We are proud to partner with an innovative restaurant technology leader like ParTech for a promotion that supports the short and long-term business health for restaurants via Brink POS and our Order One Maverick digital ordering product,” added Niemann.

Top Benefits of Brink POS version 5.0c for Table Service Operators

Brink’s open architecture, hardware-agnostic approach, and commitment to rapid innovation gives table service restaurants access to the industry’s largest integration ecosystem, and table service specific capabilities – all available in the cloud.

  • Employee Engagement: A rich set of capabilities that ensures restaurant employees stay focused on delivering a high-quality dining experience.
  • Guest Engagement: Superior guest engagement capabilities designed to keep your guests coming back.
  • Payment Solutions: whether it’s paying at a counter or tableside, PAR Payment Solutions allows guests to pay the way they want, in a secure, fast and reliable manner.

This limited time offer is for table service restaurants using legacy technology that has failed to help them expand their business and reach guests beyond their own walls. To get started, restaurants can sign up for a three-year contract with Brink POS or Order One Maverick between May 14, 2020 and September 30, 2020. Individual agreements must be signed with ParTech and REVOLUTION for each promotion, but customers do not need to purchase both products to receive the promotional offer. Subscription software fees for Brink POS and Order One Maverick will be waived through December 31, 2020. PAR will waive Brink Software activation fees, though installation and other fees still apply. REVOLUTION will negotiate set-up fees for new customers.

Photos (top to bottom): on Unsplash; Yu Hosoi on Unsplash