The Bronx Brewery, New York City-based maker of exceptional pale ales, has released its newest limited edition beer to the greater NYC market. Available on draft in select accounts across NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut and Westchester locations, On The Black Pale Ale is the second release in The Bronx Brewery’s B-Side Series product line.

The 5.7-percent ABV pale ale was created by Head Brewer Damian Brown, matching three American malts with West Coast El Dorado and Citra hops to produce an unfiltered, unpasteurized pale ale. The beer is a complex, yet light and smooth pale ale with a hint of chocolate, perfectly balanced by tropical fruit influenced hop flavors and aromas. “On the Black is our unique take on a more malt-forward pale ale that provides that refreshing, hoppy finish that’s characteristic of our portfolio,” says Damian. “We’re all about pursuing the perfect balance in our beers, and we’re proud On the Black as a great example of that effort.”

The name ‘On the Black’ refers to the moment in a baseball game when the pitcher is at peak performance, throwing right along the black outline of home plate. “We feel our brewers are tossing their best stuff with On the Black,” says Patrick Libonate, VP of marketing. “To offer something extra special to our fans, we’re aging a few small batches of this brew in Mezcal barrels, which will be available in early 2016.”

On the Black is the second installment of The Bronx Brewery’s “B-Side” series— a lineup of specialty beers to be offered periodically each year—following the release of ‘El Serrano’ Red IPA in September. A nod to The Bronx’s deep and influential music history and hip-hop roots, “B-Side” beers are a tribute to those unique, hard-to-find tracks on the flipside of the record.On the Black Pale Ale will be available for a limited time this winter in New York City, Westchester, New Jersey and Connecticut. In addition, The Bronx Brewery Winter Pale Ale was released in late October. Inspired by Damian Brown’s mild obsession with ginger snap cookies, Bronx Winter Pale Ale incorporates whole ginger, molasses, hand-picked cloves and two types of cinnamon, creating the perfectly spiced pale ale to enjoy during the winter holiday season.Draft prices will vary by account.

Proudly established in The Bronx and steeped in the American craft tradition, The Bronx Brewery’s philosophy is to “do one thing and do it right.” Founded in 2011 by Chris Gallant and Damian Brown, the brewery has a maniacal love for a single style of beer: pale ales. The beers are complex, not complicated. Considered, not cautious. Reverent, not rigid. The uniquely diverse range of beers explores the limits of what a pale ale can be, creating fresh, bold beers inspired by a borough known for its own uniquely bold character. Stop by their tasting room in the exciting Port Morris neighborhood for a pint.