Sutter Home Family Vineyards, one of the best-selling wine brands in the world, announced today that it has added a new Red Blend to its growing portfolio.

By blending three distinct red grapes from California ̶ Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot ̶ Sutter Home has crafted a perfectly balanced red wine that is both smooth and delicious. With each grape imparting its own set of unique flavors and characteristics, this blend brings forth juicy red fruit flavors, soft tannins and a luscious, velvety finish.

The new Red Blend has an accessible price point and an approachable style that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  This latest release continues Sutter Home’s legacy of offering consumers what they want and at a great value.

In the 1970s, Sutter Home produced the first White Zinfandel, launching an international wine trend that forever changed the way wine is enjoyed.  In 2005, the winery was the first to produce the groundbreaking single-serve, 187ml in light-weight plastic bottles.”   Additionally, they were one of the first wineries to produce Moscato over 60 years ago.

“Sutter Home quickly learned the importance of listening and responding to what our consumers are saying.  We want our consumers to know that we understand what they want and we will continue to set the bar for the wine industry,” says Wendy Nyberg, vice president of marketing for Sutter Home.

In keeping with this tradition of listening to consumers and facilitating their conversations around wine, the new Red Blend is a natural addition to the growing portfolio.  According to Nielsen, Red Blends are the fastest growing segment among the top 10 largest table wine varietals. They are growing twice as fast as Sauvignon Blanc, the second fastest growing varietal type, and six times as fast as the wine category overall. Today, the category is now the 5th largest “varietal” and makes up for 6% of total wine sales – up 17% versus a year ago in $Volume*. 

“Sutter Home has created a solid reputation with a loyal following. According to Nielsen, within the $5 – $7 price segment, Red Blends are the drivers of growth* which makes this a great opportunity for Sutter Home,” says Nyberg. “Sutter Home has been awarded more than 200 gold medals in the past ten years, a testament to the quality of the wines.  We are especially excited about the Red Blend as its on trend, the package is stunning, and the wine is delicious,” she adds.

Sutter Home Red Blend comes in an elegant and sophisticated new package. This bold package will attract new consumers, as well as younger wine consumers, and creates an elevated experience for current brand loyalists. ““For our original varietals such as the White Zinfandel and Chardonnay, we will keep with our traditional packaging.  With our new Red Blend, we are offering consumers a new look and taste experience,” Nyberg explains.

Established in 1948 in Napa Valley by the Trinchero family, Sutter Home helped introduce wine to a new base of wine drinkers by developing and introducing White Zinfandel in the early 1970’s. The consumer response and success of the varietal helped Sutter Home grow into a household name and one of the largest, independent family-owned wineries in the U.S.