Introducing AgaVida, a Low-Alcohol Table Wine Made from Agave

Rancho La Gloria, the largest brand in the wine-based ready-to-drink beverage category, today announced it is kicking off 2022 with a new product line: AgaVida, a subtly sweet, slightly effervescent wine made from premium agave and infused with natural fruit flavors. The launch of AgaVida builds on Rancho La Gloria’s line-up of agave-based alcoholic beverages.


AgaVida is derived from 100% Blue Agave nectar, the same organic material needed to distill authentic tequila. It is then sweetened with syrup from the same 100% Blue Agave that is used in the fermentation process. Prior to bottling, Rancho La Gloria takes it one step further by infusing the wine with a variety of premium fruits, resulting in an easily drinkable agave product featuring light and refreshing flavors.

“Rancho La Gloria is known for agave-based products, and with AgaVida we have the opportunity to introduce new consumers to the category through a flavorful, yet approachable wine,” said Russell Stanley, COO of Patco Brands. “At 5% ABV and with four familiar flavors to choose from, AgaVida is an easy to drink table wine that can be sipped throughout the day or night and tastes exceptional all the while.”

A smooth and delicious alcoholic beverage with only 80 calories per serving, AgaVida can be enjoyed chilled, on the rocks or as a mixer in four different flavors:

  • AgaVida Strawberry: Agave wine infused with sweet strawberries featuring aromas of bold fruity tartness and bright agave flavors.
  • AgaVida Mango: Mango infused in blue agave wine, boasting tropical fruit flavors with a balance of bright agave sweetness.
  • AgaVida Peach: Juicy peach infused in blue agave wine, delivering a perfectly balanced taste of slight acidity and agave syrup sweetness, with aromas of nectarines and white peaches.
  • AgaVida Green Apple: Agave wine featuring aromas and flavors of crispy, juicy green apples paired perfectly with the sweetness of blue agave.

Rancho La Gloria AgaVida is now available nationwide at Walmart for a suggested retail price of $12.99 per 750ml bottle and will launch in additional retailers throughout 2022. The latest innovation joins the brand’s portfolio of agave-based bottled, canned and frozen cocktails that include Rancho La Gloria Ready to Drink Margaritas, Skinny Margaritas and Paloma. For more information, recipes and more, visit and follow along on Instagram @DrinkRancho.