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QR code ordering and payments boomed at the height of the pandemic as a safer, distanced way to dine out, and a growing number of bars continue to rely heavily on self-serve ordering to maximize efficiency with a smaller staff.

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Photo by Albert Hu on Unsplash.

But an unexpected result of this reimagined service model is the increase to owners’ and staff’s bottom lines: 24% higher tab sizes, 24% larger tips, and up to a 50% reduction in labor costs.

Learn the best practices for adopting QR code ordering in your bar — it doesn’t have to be all or nothing! — and these benefits will be yours to reap.

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  • Why QR code menus, ordering, and payment boomed
  • Higher tabs and tips with self-serve ordering
  • Easy ways to implement QR codes yourself (Hint: It’s not all or nothing!)
  • How your POS can support QR Codes

Brian Jackson, Product Learning Specialist from Arryved, will answer your questions in a live Q&A session.

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