101 Champagne Cocktails

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Description: Nothing says “celebration” like the sound of champagne corks popping, and cocktails made with sparkling wine are the perfect libations at festive occasions. In this beautiful little book, Kim Haasarud, the Liquid Chef, gives you 101 different stylish ways to celebrate with champagne and sparkling wine. You’ll find recipes for all your bubbly favorites–Classic Champagne Cocktail, Bellini, Mimosa, and Kir Royale, to name just a few. But you’ll also discover lots of creative contemporary cocktails that are sure to become the toast of the town.

Liven up any celebration with a Limoncello Sparkle, poinsettia Cocktail, or Sparkling Fruit Bath. For a summer cooler, try a cocktail made with sorbet, such as Hope Floats or Lady Temptation. And for a romantic evening, you can’t go wrong with seductive cocktails like the Adam & Eve, Aphrodisia, and Passionate French 75. Buy at Transalert.com

“Corks popping, frothy liquid flowing, a cold crispy freshness … nothing quite so perfectly reflects the notion of ‘the best in life.’ This is a book for celebrants. It’s a book for romantics. It’s a book for the entertainer who wants a light, fresh concoction that can bring people together to accent the joys of the day. So break out the bubbly and toast!” – From 101 Champagne Cocktails

About the Author: Kim Haasarud is a James Beard honored mixologist and the founder of Liquid Architecture, a Los Angeles-based beverage consultancy.

Product Details:
Publication Info: 128 pages (2008)
John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780470169421
Dimensions (in inches): 5.5 x 8.75

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