Radico Khaitan Launches New Whisky Heritage Collection Royal Ranthambore in the United States

Radico Khaitan Ltd., India’s largest distillery with over 75 years of distillation experience, launches the ‘Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection-Royal Crafted Whisky’ in the United States. The product is in distribution and is scheduled to be available in stores and online for purchase.Radico Khaitan Ltd. Royal Ranthambore

Royal Ranthambore is a blended whisky, inspired by the Ranthambore’s land of majestic tigers and legendary kings, reflecting the “Timeless Valour”. The blended whisky is crafted with various bespoke blended malt scotches from different geographical regions, made from 100% malted barley and blended with oak infused Indian Grain Neutral Spirit to harmonize the Royal blend.

According to the Sanjeev Banga, President- International Business of Radico Khaitan, “the key to our success is our Rampur distillery, which has earned its prestigious reputation as Asia’s top distillery in producing a wide range of premium beverage alcohol products. Today, we are proud to introduce one of our finest whiskies, The Royal Ranthambore, an add-on to our luxury collection for the US market.”

‘The highly sophisticated and knowledgeable whisky community is willing to experiment and we are very confident they would like Royal Ranthambore – a premium whisky that is palatable and versatile for all occasions” said Kunal Madan, the Vice President of Radico Khaitan, International Business.

How to taste the Royal Ranthambore:

Eye test: color– golden hue, with a tint of amber.

Smell test: nose – warm and intense orchard fruit aromas, followed by sweet floral notes and hints of citrus. Subtle forest honey and spicy dried fruits
at the end leave a lasting trail.

Taste with sophistication:

Palate– Allow a sip to linger in the mouth and the warmth of your palate entices out a flurry of rich flavours like English muffins, melted butter,
plum cakes, apple pie, cocoa and a hint of spicy peaty smoke in the background.

The finish – A long finish that smooths out with time.