Drambuie to Launch New label and Bottle Design

This June, Drambuie, the classic aged Scotch Whisky liqueur, will unveil a new label design and bottle. The new look evokes the history and romance of this unique classic liqueur. Of course, the exact combination of locally sourced heather honey, herbs, spices and aged Scotch Whisky brought together to create the magic of Drambuie will remain a closely guarded secret, as it has since 1745.
With myriad products on the shelves today, people are seeking products that are unique, high quality and with an authentic story. A true classic, Drambuie’s story is told through the new design elements (some specifically chosen to mirror vintage Drambuie bottles) to reconnect with bartenders and to communicate Drambuie to a new generation of consumers.
“Bonnie Prince Charlie” debossed on the bottle’s shoulder – Homage to the charismatic royal who came to Scotland in the hope of reclaiming the throne for his exiled father James Stuart; With him, he brought his personal elixir (which would later become known as Drambuie)
“Since 1745” – The year Bonnie Prince Charlie landed on the West Coast of Scotland and began his campaign
Jacobite rose pattern on the label and cap – A nod to Bonnie Prince Charlie’s uniform, the rose pattern was one of the secret symbols that his supporters used to show their loyalty to his cause
“The Isle of Skye Liqueur” – Bonnie Prince Charlie escaped to this enigmatic island following his defeat at the Battle of Culloden; It is also the home of the MacKinnon family to whom he gave the recipe to his personal elixir as a thank you for their shelter and loyalty
“An Dram Buidheach, The Drink That Satisfies” on the neck label – The Scotch Gaelic name (and its translation) given to this local secret 100 years later by the residents of Skye, later it was shortened to “Drambuie”
Bottle shape – Modernized to ensure it fits in a well behind the bar
The rich history and longevity of Drambuie is a testament to the liquid in every bottle and to the unique flavor Drambuie adds to cocktails. Today, a new generation of bartenders across the country are exploring new cocktail creations using the classics like Drambuie and a new generation of discerning cocktail enthusiasts are delighting in their cocktail creations.