Cutwater Spirits Launches Slim Can Lineup with Variety of Ranch Waters, Mojitos, and Vodka Sodas

Cutwater Spirits, the most awarded canned cocktail in the U.S., announces plans to expand its acclaimed portfolio with a sessionable new assortment of bar-quality cocktails in 12 oz slim cans. A flavorful variety of refreshing Ranch Waters, Rum Mojitos, and Vodka Sodas made with Cutwater’s own real spirits offer consumers a selection of light and effervescent
cocktails that are under 6% ABV, range between 99 and 165 calories, are gluten-free
with no artificial sweeteners, and range between 0g to 12g of natural sugar per 12 oz

cutwater spirits slim can

“We expanded our portfolio’s refreshing, easy-to-enjoy offerings by developing new
flavor variations that build on three of Cutwater’s most enjoyable cocktails and feature
our own award-winning vodka, rum or tequila,” says Yuseff Cherney, Cutwater Spirits
Co-Founder and Master Distiller. “The new slim can format is inspired by the kind of
highball glass you’d get at your favorite bar if you ordered one of these cocktails off
the menu.”

Cutwater’s new Ranch Water assortment offers a fresh approach to the popular
Southwest cocktail. Made with Cutwater’s own tequila, topped with house-made
soda water and real juice, this crisp cocktail is ideal for warm weather and any
outdoor drinking occasion. Classic Lime Ranch Water can be found in 4-packs, while
the new Watermelon and Prickly Pear variations are available exclusively via the
new variety 8-packs. Each 12 oz slim can serving of Ranch Water is 5.9% ABV, under
130 calories and contains less than 3g of added sugar.

In early 2020, Cutwater released Rum Mint Mojito – an upgraded version of the
poolside classic featuring award-winning Cutwater White Rum, cane sugar and notes
of freshly muddled mint and lime. Its bar-quality taste and convenience (no muddling,
no mess) made Cutwater’s Mojito an instant fan favorite. Repackaged in slim 12 oz
cans, the original Mint & Lime expression was expanded on with new tropical fruitforward
mashups, including Passion Fruit Guava and Mango-Watermelon. These unexpected flavor combinations are balanced and delicious, distinctly setting Cutwater apart from the competition. A quintessential summer sipper, Cutwater Mojitos are 5.9% ABV, 165 calories, and 12g of natural cane sugar per 12 oz slim can serving. All three can be found in Cutwater’s new Mojito Variety 8-pack, while Mint & Lime Mojito is also available in slim can 4-packs.

Cutwater’s best-selling Vodka Soda line is also transitioning into the 12 oz slim can,
including an all-new Watermelon release, which will join fan-favorites Grapefruit and
Lime. Each 12 oz can of Vodka Soda is 5% ABV, just 99 calories, with 0g of sugar and
0g carbs, making it a natural go-to for summer (and beyond). Made with awardwinning
Cutwater Vodka and naturally flavored soda water, these crisp cocktails contain no artificial sweeteners and are gluten-free offering the ideal alternative to hard seltzer. Each cocktail is available individually in 4-packs, while variety 8-packs offer the opportunity to sample all three.

“Our goal with these three distinct new canned cocktail releases from Cutwater is to
offer consumers an easy upgrade to their usual summer go-to. With new, easy-topack
slim cans featuring award-winning real spirits as the base, convenience and
quality go hand in hand,” says Shreyas Balakrishnan, President, Cutwater Spirits.
Cutwater’s new innovations are beginning to roll out in stores nationwide. Consumers
can find retailers by searching Where to Buy on or emailing
[email protected].