Chinola® Liqueur Makes its National Debut

Chinola®, the handmade beverage crafted from distilled spirits and fresh passion fruit, announced it will expand its distribution to include 16 new markets throughout the United States, for a total of 22 markets. The brand grew its presence from six to twenty states and launched internationally in less than a year. Gaining widespread popularity since arriving on the spirits scene in 2015, Chinola (chee-noh-lah), as the passion fruit is referred to by locals in the Dominican Republic, has a unique blend creating an old-world artisanal style liqueur that balances tart and sweet essences with tropical aromas. The result of this blend is an unparalleled taste and versatility that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with any spirit to create a high-quality cocktail such as the Spicy Chinola® Margarita.chinola liqueur

“When we first introduced Chinola® we made a commitment to strive for integrity, authenticity and sustainability,” commented Filipe Carvalho, managing director of Chinola®. “Fortunately, our ethos has paid off as the brand has grown 700-800% in the last year. The high demand for our product has encouraged us to bring our exclusive passion fruit recipe to more states across the U.S. while continuing to expand globally.”

Chinola® takes pride in their vine to bottle philosophy. Rather than creating a beverage filled with imported ingredients, Chinola®’s priority is purity. Absent of artificial additives, each bottle contains roughly six large passion fruits, all of which are grown in the Samaná peninsula along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, a fertile valley between the mountains and Caribbean Sea. With a focus on sustainable practices, the sugar cane and rum used in making Chinola® are locally sourced within the Dominican Republic. Beekeeping also has a presence on the farm, as honeybees are utilized to assist with the critical task of fruit pollination. In pursuit of quality ingredients, the team created a passion fruit hybrid out of two varietals brought in from California and Honduras giving Chinola® Liqueur (MSRP $32.99) a distinct sweet and tangy taste.

Taking a genuine interest in its farming community, Chinola® is also proving to be the first of its kind in the spirits industry. Rather than diminish the importance of local farmers, Chinola® has built up the community by only growing a fraction of the fruit that is needed and sharing their agricultural best practices with local farmers who have become responsible for a majority of the crops that are then purchased back.

“Community and authenticity are at the core of our business,” said Robert Pallone, co-founder of Chinola®. “We hope by involving the locals in and around the valley we will not only make a superb quality liqueur, but we will also have a positive impact on the local communities.”