Canadian Gin Distiller Stadaconé Targets U.S. Market

Preparing to make its U.S. debut in 2022, Stadaconé continues on the epic journey of pairing its handcrafted gins with unexpected ingredients.

Stadaconé gin

Set in the heart of the beguiling Limoilou neighborhood of Québec City, the Stadaconé Distillery takes its name from the Iroquoian village that existed there when European settlers led by Jacques Cartier first arrived in 1535. Motivated by this age of unbridled exploration, Stadaconé dares to offer spirits that navigate previously uncharted territory.

“History serves as our inspiration, but innovation guides our development,” says Jean-Pierre Allard, President of Stadaconé. “Since the company’s creation in 2019, our three signature gins have won twelve medals in Vancouver, San Francisco, Hong Kong and London. We’re eager to share our distinctively flavored gins to an adventurous U.S. audience in the coming year.”

Stadaconé Noir brings to mind the maritime Spice Routes that once linked the East with the West for European traders and explorers. The addition of kaffir lime, Tasmanian berry, seeds of paradise and lavender give this gin its tropical notes. On the nose, one picks up an essence of lemongrass, while in the mouth, citrus flavors and peppery notes are discovered. Stadaconé Noir is meant to be consumed straight as it is considered a refined and luxurious treat for the senses.

Stadaconé’s ready-to-drink Gingria is a local favorite, quickly becoming the number one seller during its first summer in Québec with more than 700,000 cans sold in less than a year. This Québec-style nod to the traditional Spanish sangria showcases Stadaconé Rouge gin, expected to launch in the U.S. late 2022, and cranberry juice as tasteful replacements for the red wine customarily found in sangria and adds a decidedly refreshing citrus twist with lemon, mandarin and orange fruit flavors. Packaged in a colorful aluminum can with only nine grams of sugar per serving, Gingria is the ideal thirst quencher at casual get-togethers and parties.

Stadaconé’s mission is to follow the example set by the explorers: to be bold and embark on a course never before taken. Visitors to the Québec-based distillery have the opportunity to share in this undertaking first hand as they are invited to participate in an interactive escape room experience that begins the guided tour. Here, hardy adventurers follow a global journey, much like that of Jacques Cartier, before finally reaching their desired destination and discovering the incomparable taste of Stadaconé gins.