The makers of Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, the original spicy chile liqueur, announce the launch of Ancho Reyes Verde, a limited edition offering that provides bartenders and mixologists an additional unique option for their cocktail creativity. Like Original, Ancho Reyes Verde brings the imaginative spirit of Mexico to life, and to the glass, using its beloved poblano chile. Remarkably, while both products are made using the poblano chile, some slight shifts in the production process yield distinctly different flavor experiences; both naturally spicy, Original is characterized as warm, rich and sweet, whereas Verde is fresh, bright and herbal. This unique flavor profile provides an exciting new base for cocktail and spirits enthusiasts. This highly anticipated spirit will be available exclusively in the New York metropolitan area for approximately $32.99 beginning September 2016.
The Ancho Reyes story begins in 1927 with a post-revolutionary recipe from the town of Puebla de Zaragoza. During this time, Mexico was experiencing a different kind of Roaring 20’s—a chaotic, post-revolutionary time that celebrated the emergence of a new, personal independencía. Artists, intellectuals, and bohemians formed a provocative avant-garde movement that spread from cantinas to cabarets. At the center of these gatherings were unique menjurjes – or homemade concoctions – created from a blend of native ingredients and local spirits. One of these elixirs was created by the Reyes family, using Puebla’s signature crop: the beloved ancho chile.
Spirits industry visionaries Daniel Schneeweiss and Moises Guindi brought this historic recipe into the modern day to create an award-winning spirit, and now evolve that recipe further with Ancho Reyes Verde. While both Original and Verde are made from the same poblano chile, a couple of key differences in the production process yield unique characteristics:
·       The chiles used to create Verde are harvested earlier in the maturation process, while still green, and then fire roasted; those in Original are late harvested and sun dried, turning them to ancho chiles
·       While Original uses the hand-scissoring maceration process, Verde is mashed
·       Finally, Original uses only mesh press filtration while Verde uses both mesh and paper
These characteristics open new opportunities for cocktail creations.  The herbal, brightness of Verde provides an authentic and natural boost of flavor and can be a versatile tool for mixologists and at-home cocktail enthusiasts. Where Original is an excellent companion to dark spirit cocktails, Verde works perfectly with cocktails such as margaritas, gimlets and daiquiris.
“Ancho Reyes Original began as a passion project and we have been humbled by the enthusiasm with which it has been met,” says Schneeweiss. “We have been relentless in our commitment to be a one-of-a-kind handmade spirit and are thrilled to continue that passion with the launch of Ancho Reyes Verde.”
Guindi adds, “Ancho Reyes Verde maintains our dedication to producing authentic, Mexican products and explores the poblano chile in a new and exciting way. Verde has already been met with much buzz amongst bartenders and mixologists, conveying just how special Ancho Reyes truly is.”  
Since its launch in 2014, Ancho Reyes Original has quickly become a sought-after liqueur among the bartending community, given its uniqueness and its ability to transform a cocktail. In fact, Ancho Reyes was recently named the number two top trending brand among bartenders, and the number three top trending brand in the liqueurs category worldwide by leading industry publication Drinks International.
“Ancho Reyes Original has been met with great enthusiasm within the bartending community since its launch, and now we are excited to release Ancho Reyes Verde, a new interpretation of the poblano chile,” says Ancho Reyes Brand Manager, Shem Blum. “Ancho Reyes Verde is an excellent, authentic and natural cocktail base or ingredient. We look forward to seeing the innovative cocktail possibilities following the launch, and hope Verde follows in the footsteps of Original.”