375 Park Avenue Spirits Announces Partnership to Bring Hooghoudt Genever to the United States

375 Park Avenue Spirits, a division of the Sazerac Company, is pleased to announce that it has entered a supply and distribution agreement with the Netherlands-based Family Distillery Hooghoudt effective January 1, 2022. Under this agreement, 375 Park Avenue Spirits and Sazerac Company’s Bond & Royal craft division will assume responsibility for all sales and operational functions as well as support marketing efforts for Hooghoudt’s export portfolio of premium, progressive genevers.375 Park Avenue Spirits new hires

“While it reigned as a cocktail favorite for centuries, few people today know the story of genever and even fewer know its place in history,” says Jason Schladenhauffen, president and CEO of 375 Park Avenue Spirits. “Its flavor, authenticity and versatility have driven a renewed appreciation for this pre-Prohibition powerhouse. We’re honored to be a part of its revival and look forward to rapid growth as we bring Hooghoudt’s progressive portfolio of genevers to the U.S. market for the first time.”

Often called a “Holland gin” to distinguish it from English gin, genever first appeared in the 1600s as the national spirit of the Netherlands. While made with juniper and other botanicals, genever differs from gin as it must be distilled from a malt spirit. Prior to Prohibition, it was the Netherland’s largest export and one of the world’s most popular spirits. Revered by iconic 19th century bartenders including the “Father of American Mixology” Jerry Thomas, genever was the original spirit in many classic cocktails known today as gin-based and used in one of every four cocktails made in America.

“The Hooghoudt family and all of our colleagues are very excited to be partnering with 375 Park Avenue Spirits,” says Arno Donkersloot, managing director of Family Distillery Hooghoudt. “The collaboration will allow us to make waves in growing this historic and extremely versatile category in the US, with a partner who truly knows how to build craft spirits brands. Over the last decade, genever has attracted interest from many high-end bartenders in the US; with our range of contemporary, distinctive and renewing genevers now available, we are certain the category will propel to the next level.”

Founded in Groningen in 1888, Hooghoudt is a quintessential family distillery five generations strong that’s known for cultivating an atmosphere that combines family trust with cutting-edge experimentation around flavors, aromas and natural colors. Using recipes passed down through the generations while experimenting with unorthodox new blends, each spirit has an original story.

Hooghoudt Holland Gin (SRP: $29.99; 86 proof) is not a “gin”; it is a “Holland Gin,” a gin-style that pre-dates English and all other gin styles. It is charismatically grainy with a solid base of four 100% copper distilled grain distillates (17% malt; 7% wheat; 45% rye; 31% rye, corn and wheat) and a handful of fruits, botanicals and juniper berries.

An incredibly rich genever, Hooghoudt Aged 5 Years (SRP: $39.99; 80 proof) is an authentic malt spirit mix made from wheat, corn and rye – instead of the typical grain blend of barley, corn and rye – combined with natural botanicals. It is traditionally distilled using copper kettles and aged for five years in very old sherry oloroso casks.

Hooghoudt Sweet-Spiced (SRP: $19.99; 60 proof) is a 100% natural, new-style genever created by 5th generation craftsmen. Made with homemade extracts and distillates of juniper, vanilla, cinnamon, mace, coriander seed, liquorice, grapefruit, apricot and a pinch of rock candy, it offers a truly distinguished flavor through this combination of sweet and spicy ingredients.

Hooghoudt Zero Zero 24 (SRP: $29.99) is a non-alcoholic spirit that combines the freshness of a botanical mixer with the sophistication of a distilled spirit. Featuring a blend of floral distillates and extracts with no added sugar or sweeteners, it combines the outspoken flavor of elderflower, lavender and juniper with a sharp citrus kick. Whether mixed as a mid-day refresher or late-night mocktail, Hooghoudt Zero Zero No. 24 delivers the botanical punch of a pre-industrial elixir.

Hooghoudt’s export portfolio including Holland Gin, Aged Genever, Sweet-Spiced Genever and Zero Zero 24 will be available from 375 Park Avenue Spirits beginning on January 1, 2022.