5 Cocktail Recipes for the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is on February 1, and we’ve rounded up some Lunar New Year cocktail recipes from online drinks retailer The Bottle Club shares to celebrate the Year of the Tiger.

Easy Tiger

For lovers of sharp, tangy cocktails, this beverage is crafted with smooth, rich honey, tequila, and fiery ginger.

Ingredients:lunar new year cocktail recipe
60ml tequila
2 spoonfuls of honey
22ml of water
2 slices of ginger
30ml lime juice (freshly squeezed if possible)

Rub ginger slices around the bottom of the cocktail shaker (like you were smoothing butter around a cake tin) then drop in once finished. Pour in the honey and tequila, stirring until blended. Add the water and the lime juice. Shake, shake, shake, then pour – voila!

The Bengal Tiger

Powerful and unapologetic, this blend utilizes the sweetness of white rum and pineapple juice to create a juxtaposition against the bitterness of the pomegranate.

Ingredients:lunar new year cocktail recipe
10ml brandy
1/2 lemon for garnish
60ml pineapple juice
50ml white rum
20ml pomegranate juice

Pour all of the liquid ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake until everything is blended together. Once combined, pour into a martini glass. For a finishing touch, rub the lemon slice around the rim and add as a garnish.


Tiger Tangerine Margarita

For those looking for something a little fruitier, this zesty yet sweet amalgamation offers a crisp and refreshing experience.

lunar new year cocktail recipe


90ml orange juice
60ml tequila
30ml triple sec 
Orange slices for garnishes
Salt for rim

Smooth orange segment around rim of glass, then dip into salt for garnish. Add ice, triple sec, orange juice and tequila to cocktail shaker. Shake it. Pour into tall glass. Add orange segment to rim as a finishing touch.


Tiger’s Eye

This cocktail promises to tantalize the taste buds with its spicy undertones.

Ingredients:lunar new year cocktail recipe
42ml of Aquavit
88ml of Green Chartreuse
88ml of sweet vermouth
Orange peel for garnish

Add all of your ingredients to a cocktail shaker or bowl. Stir until combined. Strain into a coupe glass. Add the orange peel as a garnish.

Tiger’s Blood

Complete with a baby-pink hue, this tipple is destined to transport you straight to a bright-white beach in the middle of balmy summer.

Ingredients:lunar new year cocktail recipe
354ml frozen strawberry daiquiri mix
1L watermelon juice
236ml Real Coco cream of coconut drink mixer
236ml Malibu rum
2L ginger ale
Watermelon (to cut up for garnishes)

In a large punch bowl, mix the daiquiri mix with 354ml of water. Pour in the coconut drink mixer and the watermelon juice. Mix everything together. Refrigerate until the party’s started. Serve in a short glass with ice and a wedge of watermelon.