SevenRooms Launches First of its Kind Marketing Tool

SevenRooms 7x marketing toolSevenRooms, the all-in-one reservation, seating and guest management platform, announces the launch of 7x, the industry’s first-of-its-kind marketing automation and guest engagement software. Designed to turn first time guests into regulars, 7x combines four elements into one powerful product, helping restaurant operators to leverage automation and data to nurture guest relationships at scale through highly personalized interactions across the customer lifecycle.

The new software rolls out today with four components: Guest Satisfaction, Automated Tagging & Segmentation, Email Automation, and Experiences & Special Offers. The product includes:

Guest Satisfaction:

Stay on top of the guest experience by viewing all reviews in one place, including those from Google, Facebook, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. 7x enables operators to link guest feedback to guest profiles, so they are never left in the dark on where they stand. The marrying of reviews to guests creates a powerful, new dataset for operators.

Automated Tagging & Segmentation:

Configure a rules-based algorithm to automatically apply customizable tags to a guest profile, tailoring service and marketing for categories including ‘first-timers,’ ‘high value group regulars,’ ‘positive reviewers,’ ‘negative reviewers,’ and more.

Email Automation:

Automate the process of sending the right message, to the right guest, at the right time. Email automation enables operators to easily create and send targeted email campaigns to specific customer segments, like incentivizing guests who have not returned in a while with complimentary champagne on their next visit.

Experiences & Special Offers:

Automatically generate landing pages for events and special offers that are built to convert. Push promotions across a variety of customer segments — whether that’s making an event for the public, or making it available exclusively for your most loyal customers. Leverage guest data to target guests effortlessly, whether that’s across email, social media or a website, seamlessly tracking the ROI on each promotion.

In a world where 70% of diners never come back, 7x’s ability to boost repeat visits will be immediately felt on operators’ bottom lines, with research showing that it is 7 times more cost effective to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one–and that increasing retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by upwards of 95%.

“Today, we are excited to bring 7x to the market, giving restaurants a product that helps them take full advantage of their guest data to boost loyalty and repeat visits,” said Joel Montaniel, CEO of SevenRooms.“As a company that has focused on enabling direct guest relationships and access to rich guest data from day one, coupled with the fact that we sit squarely at the intersection of the reservation book and guest profiles, we are uniquely qualified to bring these capabilities to market. 7x will change the way restaurants can reach and engage with their customers. To put it simply, this platform will help operators fully maximize the value of their guest data to build a more profitable business and deliver true hospitality.”

“7x enables our team to deliver a highly personalized, friends-and-family-style marketing approach to every guest that dines with us,” said Steve Scott Springer, General Manager at Spago Beverly Hills. “With 7x, we get insights from aggregated reviews, can auto-tag guests based on parameters we set, and segment and market to these guests automatically on a wide range of campaigns and events. Most importantly, we can continue to build direct, deeper personal relationships with them that will keep them coming back for years to come. 7x by SevenRooms is a powerful, game-changing tool for the industry, and Spago is excited to be at the frontlines of this innovation.”

For more information on SevenRooms and 7x, please visit our website and request a demo.