Reopen Safely with Perlick’s New Mobile Bars

Perlick is proud to launch our brand new line of mobile bars designed by Tobin Ellis to help Perlick guide COVID-19establishments follow strict social distancing and health guidelines while still turning a profit. Perlick mobile bars are on casters and can be moved anywhere for operational flexibility. With bars and restaurants opening at limited capacity, and with strict CDC guidelines to follow, one central indoor bar with multiple bartenders may not be possible for establishments right now. In addition, with al fresco parking lot pop-ups, sidewalk cafes and streets being converted into outdoor dining spaces, the need for design and equipment flexibility has never been greater. Mobile bars allow multiple bartenders to work at once, serving customers in multiple locations, all while abiding by social distancing guidelines.

“With the global COVID-19 pandemic affecting the way we live and operate, we at Perlick are proud to debut our new mobile bars that will help our customers open safely right now, and continue to operate safely in years to come,” said Amy Huston, Director of Sales-Commercial, Perlick.

Perlick’s new line of mobile bars range in size from 42” to 66” and come in multiple models and designs. Our mobile bars and accompanying drainboard storage and refrigeration carts are NSF certified and can be safely used both indoors and out.

Perlick Signature Mobile Bars utilize the zero-step bartending cockpit, designed by Barmagic founder and Perlick partner Tobin Ellis, for efficiency, which means more drinks poured in less time resulting in greater profits and less bartender fatigue. Zero-step bartending ensures that bartenders have everything they need in the comfort of their own mobile bar cockpit, so they won’t come into contact with colleagues. Perlick Signature Mobile Bars are offered in 42” or 66” models and offer a 30” ice chest with sliding cover, a 12” insulated bottle well, and a 42” speed rail. The 66” model also offers two 12” drainboards. Both models include ice melt drainage tank, locking 5” stainless steel casters for corrosion resistance, lower storage area for dry goods and canned or bottled beverages and LED bartender task lighting for operating in the evening and low light settings. Design flexibility, including multiple bar top options and exterior color choices, allow operators to match the mobile bar to the exact style and feel of their establishment.

Perlick Mobile Bars are an economical mobile solution that ensures patrons and staff are safely socially distanced. Operators can move Perlick Mobile Bars anywhere within their venue…or outside it!…for optimal layout flexibility. Perlick Mobile Bars offer the same conveniences of the Signature Series, but without the zero-step bartending cockpit.

To accompany Perlick’s brand new line of mobile bars, Perlick developed a 24” Mobile Storage Cart with Drainboard and a 36” Perlick Mobile Refrigeration Cart (refrigeration cart available in late July). The storage cart allows for additional surface and storage space for more efficient bartending and less customer wait time, increasing profitability. The Perlick Mobile Refrigeration Cart is the perfect accompaniment to our mobile bars, offering flexibility for both use in bars and for curbside service of to-go cocktail kits and cold beverages.

“Perlick wants our customer partners to know we understand these are very difficult times. We are proud that our line of mobile bars will help them stay in business and stay profitable, safely, now and for years to come,” Huston said.

Perlick’s brand new line of mobile bars are available for immediate order. To find a Perlick Sales Representative in your area, visit