Perlick Boosts Performance of Lo-Boy Keg Coupler

Perlick, a leader in total package bar equipment and beverage dispensing systems, has enhanced its Lo-Boy Keg Coupler to make it suitable for use with beer, wine, draft cocktails and ciders and allow operators to utilize tight spaces in bar areas. Perlick’s Lo-Boy Keg Coupler boasts the lowest height in the industry, and when space is compact, this can make all the difference.Perlick Lo-Boy Keg Coupler

The new Lo-Boy Keg Coupler maintains Perlick’s high standards of strength and durability and takes the equipment a step further by making it possible to smoothly operate direct draw from standard-height kegs stored in small spaces. The coupler’s low profile is the key feature that permits beverage service on tap from kegs stored in undercounter refrigeration.

With new hose routings set at a 90˚ perpendicular angle, the coupler also prevents awkward arrangement of lines that can result in kinks and blockages. The equipment is compatible with a variety of domestic and imported kegged beverages.

New features of the Lo-Boy Keg Coupler include:
  • 304 stainless steel construction safe for all beverages
  • Rubber check valve blocks beverages from backflowing into gas line
  • Hose routings at 90˚ angle, instead of 180˚
  • Standard-size fittings that are easily removable and cleanable
  • NSF listed
  • , tailpiece fitting sizes available for hose diameter options
  • Durable tag for safety and directions attached to relief valve pull ring.

To learn more about Perlick’s Lo-Boy Keg Coupler and other couplers, click here or call 800-558-5592.