Talking To-Go and Innovation at ECRM’s On-Premise Adult Beverage Sessions

Last month, ECRM held it’s Global Wine, Beer & Spirits, and On-Premise Adult Beverage Virtual Sessions, which featured several thought leadership components, including on-demand educational presentations from Nielsen as well as The Sasha Group, and three moderated round tables during which participants held casual conversations around key industry topics.

ECRM’s Joseph Tarnowski and Ashley Bray of Bar Business Magazine each moderated round tables during ECRM’s On Premise Adult Beverage Virtual Session including buyer and seller participants.

Ashley’s topic was on takeout adult beverages, and how the easing of restrictions have benefitted bars and restaurants. The round table also touched upon how distributors, sellers, and on-premise locations have innovated in this space over the past few months.

Joe’s round table participants discussed some of the more unique ways bars, restaurants, and beverage alcohol brands have been trying to drive sales during COVID-19.

In this video, Joe and Ashley discuss some key takeaways from each of their round tables.

Don’t miss next year’s ECRM On-Premise Adult Beverage Program to be held August 24, 2021 – August 26, 2021. Location to be announced.