Q&A with Charles Vaughn of LeSin Vodka

Charles Vaughn LeSin Vodka
Charles Vaughn is president/founder of LeSin Vodka. He has over twenty years of experience in the liquor business. In June 2008, Vaughn sat down to think about creating a new vodka. He settled on creating LeSin Vodka™, The World’s Sexiest Vodka, and set out to recreate what it means to be sexy. LeSin Vodka is 100% sourced and produced in France from authentic French-sourced water and wheat. LeSin Vodka also exclusively uses French suppliers for its silk labels, boxes/cases, cork tops, and bottles. LeSin Vodka is distilled in the heart of Cognac, France, along the banks of the Charente River. The chief distiller comes from a family of distillery artisans dating back several generations. Vaughn is also the lead consultant at 40-80 Spirits Group and the owner of Blue Lava Tequila.

1. Tell us about LeSin Vodka.

From the beginning, LeSin Vodka was crafted to be a craft mixologist’s delight. We went old school and decided to craft the purest vodka while holding true to our passion of being an ultra-premium French vodka. LeSin Vodka uses only pure deluxe winter wheat and artesian spring water from the Gensac spring in the Charente department of France—think Cognac, France. The quality and passion is noticed immediately when you taste the vodka. I wanted a triple-distilled wheat vodka that was smooth and balanced. I wanted you to know from the moment this vodka hit your tongue that this was not a mass-produced brand.

2. What is the Seven Deadly LeSins Signature Cocktail Experience?

The experience of LeSin Vodka is to immerse yourself completely into the sexy, seductive, alluring, confident, or indulgent vibe you are usually seeking, on some level, when you enjoy life. The Seven Deadly LeSins is exactly that experience. We’ve taken the original seven deadly sins and “embellished” them for today’s vibe. In a nutshell, the Seven Deadly LeSins campaign is a fully immersive 360 concept whereby you’re completely in the experience. Seduction is covered from A to Z—not merely a pretty cocktail with a cute name. This is an event. Rinse and repeat for each Deadly LeSin. Our plan is to create these Seven Deadly LeSin experiences all over the United States. You can plan for an evening of Seduction or Indulgence or Passion, etc. Each evening will be themed accordingly, and the particular Deadly LeSin experience will rule the night.

3. LeSin is launching something new. Can you tell us about it?

I’ve got something very exclusive and special in formulation. I can’t really speak too much on the point right now, other than to say this will be 100% authentic French, 100% authentic exclusive, 100% authentic sexy, and 100% delicious to the palette. This offering is sure to be a chef’s delight and the folks in Las Vegas are loving the concept and are happy to be a part of the formulation process. Let’s just say this holiday season will have something new to enjoy!

4. Have you observed any particular vodka trends?

The most disturbing trend I’ve noticed in the vodka space is there’s hardly been anything new in the ultra-premium vodka category to really get excited about—as a consumer. It’s time for a new player to rise to the levels of the other French vodka groups. LeSin Vodka is that vodka. On the other hand, the mixologists around the world have done an amazing job of keeping things fresh and creative. They’ve certainly blown us away with their creative concepts in craft cocktails. We decided to match their passion and creativity by making LeSin Vodka so pure that they embrace it as that “something new” to compliment their creative genius.

5. Why should bars bring in LeSin?LeSin Vodka

First of all, I think every establishment should seek out new, unique, and quality products for their customers. Week in, week out, more of the same is simply just “the same.” LeSin Vodka’s marketing plan is to work hand-in-hand with the accounts. We realize that it’s a two-way street and for us to succeed is predicated on them succeeding. Much like bartenders get uber creative when thinking up new cocktails to make, LeSin Vodka’s team gets involved and creative when working with accounts to package how we can grow together—get more customers in the house, more cocktails poured, and more profit per pour.

6. Advice for how to best use vodka?

Vodka, as a category, is quite universal. As such, the opportunities are extremely wide and deep for what can be done with vodka. Create more 360 experiences—think cigar pairings, food pairings, hot and cold pairings, etc. Embrace these creative bartenders/mixologists. Encourage them to try the weirdest things you’ve ever thought of or could think of. This is actually how I came to the concept that I referred to earlier that I will be coming out with later this year.