New Orleans USBG hosts fundraiser for Colleague and Mentor

New Orleans United States Bartenders Guild Hosting Fundraiser for Colleague and Mentor Kyle McHugh

kylemchugh.jpgKyle who is a USBG member, spirits vendor, industry leader, and all around good guy – recently suffered a personal set-back. Kyle participated in the cocktail apprentice program at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail. In late July Kyle developed bruising all over his body. When taken to the emergency room, it was discovered Kyle’s platelet count was dangerously low and he was bleeding internally. After a three-day stay at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, he was released and is recovering well. He is back now back at work in his liquor shop. However, Kyle is uninsured and has a $30,000 medical bill to pay. Kyle is well loved and widely respected in the national cocktail community and we an obligation to help a hard working friend in need.


UPDATE: On Monday October 5th, 2009 members of the New Orleans chapter hosted a bartender benefit for Kyle McHugh. The benefit at Cure raised a total of $5,107.00 from sales of Sazerac Rye cocktails, donations of tips from bartenders Kirk Estopinal and Maksym Pazuniak who worked that evening along with a silent auction and cash contributions from the New Orleans Culinary and Cultural Preservation Society, Cointreau and Piedmont Distillers. Click here to read the full release.


Click here to find out more about Kyle “The Boozehound” McHugh

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