Ilegal Mezcal Appoints Four Women To The Executive Board

ilegal mezcal appoints four womenIlegal Mezcal, the renegade brand known for its political activism, week-long parties, and
bootlegging, is no stranger to challenging standards and expectations. Their recent appointment of four female executives is no exception.

As of last week, Ilegal announced that they have hired and promoted women as the COO, CMO, VP of Trade Marketing, and Trade Marketing Manager, all working hard to maintain the brand’s position as one of the leading small-batch artisanal mezcals on the market. Members Michelle Ivey, Kaylan Rexer, Trish Mannion and Kelsi Grandi, respectively, now make up over half of the Executive Leadership board. Today, the alcohol industry is still dominated by men at the executive level, and Ilegal is quite purposefully announcing these hires during Women’s History Month.

The outspoken team is not afraid to stand up and be heard regarding many social policies in the US, especially immigration reform and LGBTQ rights. In April 2016, the brand created a synchronized drinking protest, “A Shot At Donald,” which took place in over 75 bars across the US and Europe – ultimately raising $25,000 to help build a school in Guatemala.

Just two years ago, the brand was awarded Shorty Award Gold Distinction for their “Donald Eres Un Pendejo” campaign. This year, they’re appointing four strong, educated, and experienced women to their executive team.

Ilegal is made from 100% espadin agave and comes in three representations: Joven, Reposado and Anejo. It was created in 2004 out of founder John Rexer’s bar, Café No Sé, an eclectic international watering hole in colonial Antigua. While it’s roots are in Guatemala, Ilegal is produced in Oaxaca with headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.