Dan Dunn’s What We’re Drinking Podcast

Dan Dunn What we're drinking podcastAuthor Dan Dunn announces the launch of his newest boozy, celebrity interview podcast What We’re Drinking through Starburns Audio and Starburns Industries, the production studio behind Rick and Morty, HBO’s Animals, and the Academy Award-nominated Anomalisa.

The show has been dubbed “a fantabulous conflation of history, culture, politics, famous people and booze, strained through the cognitive mesh of a best-selling author, polymath, and inveterate reprobate.”

“After so many years writing about drinking, it occurred to me that talking about drinking might be fun too… and far less likely to cause carpal tunnel syndrome,” says Dunn. “What We’re Drinking is the culmination of a life spent perched on barstools, studying booze, dreaming about booze, drinking booze and dropping the names of famous people I know.”

In the first episode, Dunn and long-time collaborator Zane Lamprey (Four Sheets, Drinking Made Easy) take a deep dive into the Harvey Wallbanger, exploring the 1960s “fern bar” favorite’s surprising, long-time connection to American electoral politics.

Future shows will feature such stars as Walton Goggins, Aisha Tyler, Tiffani Amber-Thiessen, Maynard James Keenan, Sammy Hagar, Steven Soderbergh, Dan Harmon, Oliver Cooper, Phil Rosenthal, “Lucifer” star Kevin Alejandro, Alexis Ohanian, “The Blacklist” star Harry Lennix, Adam Carolla, and author Joel Stein.

What We’re Drinking is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify among other platforms with new episodes every Tuesday.