A Bar’s Bike Valet

Mavericks Beach ClubMore and more people are choosing to commute and travel via bicycles, and Mavericks Beach Club in San Diego, California recently decided to get in on the trend by offering a first-of-its-kind bike valet.

“During the construction of Mavericks, we would see multiple bikes locked up to anything possible on the weekends. Sometimes five to six bikes around one bike stand. We thought it would be a great idea to offer our guests a worry-free place to park their bikes while decluttering the streets,” says Owner Eric Lingenfelder. “I think people now see…riding a bike as an option just as convenient as, if not more than, driving. Additionally, we’re seeing new startups like Lime Bikes, Birds, and Mobikes feeding the bike frenzy.”

To use the bike valet, guests simply check in their bike with the bike valet host, who supplies them with a wristband that matches the number on their bike. Using a cart nicknamed “Suzie,” the bike valet will lift and stow the bicycles in an enclosed top-level area. Guests don’t need to worry about bike locks, and they can rest assured that their bike is safe from wannabe bike thieves.

To pick up their bike, a customer simply tells a bartender or server their bike number, and Mavericks will have the bike ready for them. The bike valet is free with proof of at least fivebike valet dollars worth of purchases at Mavericks, and guests who utilize the service even get to skip the line and come into the bar via a side entrance. For those guests who don’t want to bike home, they have the option to leave their bike overnight and pick it up the next day.

“We want to encourage people to ride their bikes. Less cars on the road is better for everyone and helps reduce our carbon footprint,” says Lingenfelder. “If offering a bike valet helps people kick the gas guzzlers and move us to a greener city, we’re all about it.”